“We’ve reached the end of the road” – AFC’s Cathy Hughes says there is no turning back

AFC Parliamentarians, Cathy Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo at the press conference, today, Thursday November 06. [iNews' Photo]


By Kurt Campbell

AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes.
AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Alliance for Change (AFC) Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes says the No – Confidence Motion that her Party has brought against the Executive is the end of a road of a series of different interventions that the AFC has attempted and there is no turning back.

She made the pronouncement on Thursday (November 6), in the face of threats by President Donald Ramotar that he will prorogue Parliament should the Opposition push ahead with its motion.

Hughes says the President’s behavior now and leading up to this point has been “totally” unacceptable and indicated that her Party intends to move full steam ahead with its vote of no confidence.

The Alliance for Change is meeting with the main opposition – a Partnership for National Unity (APNU) today, and has already secured its unwavering support on the motion. The two Parties together hold a majority in the National Assembly which guarantees a successful passage of the Motion.

Hughes reminded of attempts to compromise with the administration on several issues. She recalled the AFC’s 10 point plan which she said was totally ignored along with request to sit and discuss issues by the administration.

“The combined opposition represents a large portion of Guyanese and our concerns must be heard,” she said.

Hughes told reporters that her Party’s position has always been to create an environment in Guyana where all sectors and stakeholders can benefit from what the country has to offer.

“It does not belong to any one political party or any group of people,” she said “adding that “this no confidence motion is the last straw.”

The AFC has always protested against the manner in which the administration has spent public funds; alleging abuse.

Hughes reminded that another grievance of the Party and that of many Guyanese was the absence of local government elections for the last 20 years.

“At the end of the day our Constitution says local government elections must take place every four years… we are now on 20 years with no local government elections and every day in some part of this country people are losing their valuables… it is unacceptable that when we get to the end of the road and we put in a no confidence motion, now he is willing to talk.”

She repeated calls by her Party for the setting up of the Public Procurement Commission, the Integrity Commission and the Human Rights Commission.

The AFC’s list of wrongdoings by the administration is long and the Party is maintaining that along with hundreds of Guyanese it has confidence in the administration.



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  3. I really feel sorry for you if you’re poor or have small house. I have a seven bedrooms, the biggest in the community. I acquire my wealth in the eighty’s through lumber bussiness, and furniture bussiness under the pnc administration. What that makes me? you know I can readily give you forty two valid reason why I do not wish to live under the pnc dictorship. I don’t think you have any idea what we witness, and went through. one quick example. Dr. Walter Rodney. please go and listen to his wife, friends, family, pastor,party members, even those who don’t like him. Even ask Rupert Roopnarine who is in bed with the pnc.

  4. Congrats to you I singh, i dont think the brain dead cockroaches posting crap live in Guyan,i share your post and love when ppl say the factsn not dreams, how can you be saying allthose fancy words when if you live in guyana its the ppp who replaced the bunham way of life DICK,,,TATE thank you for being a real open minded and true speaker God Bless.

  5. You mean like how Anil fool you and tell you he is kshatriya? You mean like how Anil TRANSPARENTLY stole MILLIONS in a bid to get his wife pregnant? You mean like how Bharrat TRANSPARENTLY gave out broadcasting licenses to his friends and family? You mean like how the PPP TRANSPARENTLY stealing from the Guyanese people and building big big house all over the place while the Guyanese people piss poor.<<<that is what PPP stands for PEOPLE PISS POOR

  6. cathy and nigel along with their cronies doesn’t know the true meaning of transparency. the AFC has a small bunch of educated people that lack intelligence in every way, shape, and form that goes around fooling the innocent at heart and some illiterate. their main focus is to stop development at any cost. which road this godless woman is talking about? the PPP will lenghten that road, the PPP knows how to build road. look around you cathy, look! anyone who see good and call it bad cannot tell me that he/she is a christian. how seared are your conscience hughes? I can understand why people like khemraj, moses, and ramayah are so arrogant in their disposition , expressing their hate,malice and animosity. but you ? have you ever pray for Guyana? plenty of you are blind, miserable, and poor and don’t know it. listen I will pray for you, and Troty.

  7. The opposition and the anti-government press is trying to portray a situation of confusion. It might very well be that they themselves are unsure what this whole thing is all about. One of the opposition parties, the AFC, wants national elections and the other the PNC aka APNU wants LGE. When these two are combined, then, as a “coalition” they don’t know what they want.

    In any government the opposition has a constitutional right to put forward a no confidence motion. In a minority government, like what we have in Guyana, this “threat” always hangs over the government’s ‘head’. The AFC did just that, the threat was made real i.e they filed a no confidence motion. Once this is passed (from all indications it will), then the President is obligated to prorogue parliament call GE. He does not need to issue a “threat” and he didn’t. So what is this crap about the President issuing a “threat”?? Stop misleading readers. What is this BS coming from the AFC lady that the “President’s behavior now and leading up to this point has been “totally” unacceptable”. Whosoever this woman is, she is an embarrassment and must first take a very very basic lesson in governance if she wants to be a politician. There might be no need for all this because the next election, around the corner, will see A majority PPP/C government and the end of the AFC.

  8. All you PPP sympathizers in these blogs yall better get real because the show is down to the road.

    You people idolize, glorify, exalt and worship the PPP Party and Government as if is some kind of Empire. Well know that no empire last forever.

    The Babylonians fell
    Persia fell
    Egypt fell
    Greek fell
    Rome fell
    PNC fell

    And the PPP will fall, and they will fall hard from grace because they are arrogant and have become complacent, power-drunk, corrupt and insensitive to the needs of the people, even their very own grass roots supporters.

    The Political winds will blow against the PPP favour and no amount of racist, manipulative and deceitful tactics will stop this wind. This thing is already signed and sealed up by the Most High Power of Y’srael.

    This is not even about the AFC or APNU. It is about:
    just vs unjust
    light vs darkness
    righteousness vs unrighteousness
    wrong vs right

    And the PPP continue to expose and reveal itself for what it is.

  9. End of the Road? I wonder end of the road for who? wink! wink!
    I remember the Datsun commercial a very long time ago. The announcer said “Datsun is down here, a low rise building, amongst many sky scrapers representing the other motor companies.

    What ever happened to Datsun (AFC)?

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  11. Why you ppl don’t shut the hell up and move on already… if ur bringing a no confidence motion then do it and if the president responds by calling elections.. So what wasn’t that ur intention in the first place.. the president has said many times he believes in democracy i don’t think he will go against his own belief to say in power for 10 months more when he will win another five years.

    AFC shut the hell up and stop being wieners…. or as your leader would say “go haul u ass”


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