Litter Bugs Watch Out!


DSCN9672[] – Newly appointed and empowered Litter Wardens were given an overview of the various provisions of the Litter prevention regulations, including the offences and the associated penalties and fines, and guidance on standard operating procedures in terms of identifying offences, collecting and giving evidence in court, against an offender.

Subsequent to the passing of new litter prevention regulations and subsequent appointment of Litter Wardens to enforce the provisions of the regulations) the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hosted one of several workshops at the Herdmanston Lodge, aimed at appointing persons holding a specified class of office as Litter Prevention Wardens under the Litter Prevention Regulations (2013).

iNews understands that under the Litter Regulations, it is an offense to litter in a public place, particularly; (1) to deposit litter in a public place, (2) to deposit litter from a moving vehicle onto a public place and (3) to cause or permit persons to commit offenses 1 and 2.

Further, person/persons found guilty of any of these offenses under the Litter Regulations shall be liable to a fine of between fifty thousand dollars ($50, 000) or three months imprisonment in the case of an individual, and one hundred thousand dollars ($100, 000) in the case of a business entity.

Officers from the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, the Guyana Forestry Commission, The Harbour Masters and Public Health Officers were officially appointed as Litter Wardens. These Categories of Officers are deemed Litter Wardens under section 21(6) of the regulations. Honorary Litter Wardens were also appointed under section 21 (1), and included the Officers of the Protected Areas Commission, and the City Constabulary of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council.

This exercise follows a commitment by the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud to have staff of the regulatory agencies of the natural resources and environmental sectors, along with other critical agencies such as the Guyana Police Force and City Constabulary play a much more proactive and prominent role in providing support to the EPA and the Ministry in enforcing the Litter Prevention Regulations.


  1. Gray its another way of giving these ppl a rase just like the pooolice who dis say go right of leff the thing ,,lets see how many ppl will be placeed before the courts that work sometimes, with hammy in place and them no good constab nothing will happen, remember the flood in 2005 the pigs were being fed and drop the box right on the road, and the call on barrat to clean the country and the drains, its barrat and the PPP that got allmantown drains block up, plasence and belfield what a great try to the city but time will tell,

  2. I so agree with you Gray…….more corruption……the question is what system they have in place to deal with the corruption (bribery).

  3. mo money fuh some ah dem dis..if u throw ur toffee paper on the street they will see u..they will come to give u ticket ..they will tell u dont waste the court here right now wid de issue..leff a lil yall ent know these people as yet

  4. Long Overdue! Now do some radio and TV spots to stress the need and importance of complying then STOP THE TALK and get with the enforcing!
    Next step – Do this in ALL of the towns:
    Use the money generated from fines to clear blocked drainage systems


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