Anil Tape Scandal: Gov’t to seek external help to prove authenticity of recording



President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the recent opening of the National Toshaos Conference.
President Donald Ramotar and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall converse during the recent opening of the National Toshaos Conference.

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon said that the Administration will be seeking external help to determine the authenticity of the recording between a Kaieteur News reporter and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.

In the interim, Dr. Luncheon said that the President’s support to his Attorney General has not changed more so as it relates to his tenure.

“The president’s position on his Attorney General and his tenure has not been a matter that lacked clarity from day one,” Dr Luncheon told reporters at his post cabinet media briefing on Thursday, November 06.

He further noted, “One would agree that if the instant response by the President is to be given a value that goes beyond the content of the support, but the timing of the declaration of the support that on both grounds instantaneous nature, as well as the content of the President’s support that there is in the President’s mind where it refers to the tenure of his Attorney General, he enjoys the President’s full support.”

Dr Luncheon added that while help is being sought externally, instructions have been given locally for an investigation as well.

Responding to question about the recording causing possible fallout with the party’s supporters, Dr. Luncheon said, “I will be the first to concede the nature of the utterances must have been considered. Our specific reactions have dealt with one, confirmation as to whether the level of manipulation, distortion can be scientifically established.”

According to Dr. Luncheon, once this is done, it is his hope that the correct version of the recording will be made available.

He added, “Our efforts are minimally two-fold; to investigate scientifically, technologically our concerns of how authentic the content of the recording is, and then you might say in our usual parlance we have to deal with the fall out of establishing authentic content.”

Nandlall is currently being investigated by the police amid mounting calls for his resignation, after a profanity laced and threatening telephone conversation between himself and a Senior Journalist went public. [Extracted and modified from GINA]


  1. The AG made it quite clean it was him on the stupid tape, why send it external, you mean let it die like everything else, one week the news is this, the next week is that,this week is AG. Next week in whatever vote in partyment ,,the PPP/PNC/APNU. The all sip and chat and plan how to thief the next set of tax dollars, the ppl poor, the country stink,we looking shame all over the world, and because of all the drug lords the farmers cant export nothing you are shame at JFK to be a guyanese ,

  2. Didn’t the AG admit that the authenticity of the recording etc; Why is this step necessary and who will be paying for it?
    It is quite clear from the manner this government has handled previous reported incidents of impropriety by its ‘officers’ that absolutely nothing will be done by way of disciplining the AG. I suggest that it be added to the growing list and move on waiting for judgement day!!!

  3. now you guys trying to do the right thing..get it done..i bet that tape is doctored before the mookster took it to his choice of police..gut feeling telling dat police is in on the mookster mookster must be nailed shut for his criminal man said if the mookster get away with this the mookster next move will be cameras in your bedroom and you wont know it until you refused to do what the mookster want..


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