“We have domestic terrorism” – NGOs protest spate of violent crimes

The protesters outside of Eve Leary. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Nicole Cole. [iNews' Photo]
Nicole Cole. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A group of right activists and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) gathered outside the Head Office of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Eve Leary Georgetown on April 01, as they expressed dissatisfaction with the spate of recent violent crimes and the perceived inability of the police to apprehend those responsible.

The protest action was organised as a part of activities planned for Sexual Assault Awareness month which is being observed internationally throughout the month of April.

Organiser of the protest, Roxanne Myers told iNews that “the slow pace of apprehensions, investigations and trials has undoubtedly contributed to the brazen actions of perpetrators and prevalence of these crimes.”

She is adamant that the State has a responsibility to protect Guyana’s citizenry and it must live up to that mandate.

Meanwhile, Rights of the Child Commissioner Nicole Cole expressed outrage at the State’s wanton failure to protect its populace.

Roxanne Myers. [iNews' Photo]
Roxanne Myers. [iNews’ Photo]
“We are here to say to the state that you have a responsibility to protect your citizens and you’re dereliction your duties…we are not safe in Guyana it’s not a safe place for us to liv,” she said.

Cole, who was saddled with a placard urging persons not to come to Guyana, said the country has rampant “domestic terrorism.”

She told iNews “we cannot take platitudes from law enforcement anymore…this is dangerous we need to act….issues affecting women need to be addressed…We have domestic terrorism…it’s not safe for us.”

The protesters outside of Eve Leary. [iNews' Photo]
The protesters outside of Eve Leary. [iNews’ Photo]
Cole also expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s inability to provide rape kits for law men deeming it “wholly unacceptable.”

This is not a game, this is not poker; this is not cricket; this is not football – this is people’s lives that we are playing with.”

Other activists on the protest line pointed out the need for Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing to be done at the Guyana Forensic Science Laboratory in Turkeyen.

Organisations present included Rainbow House, Help & Shelter, SASOD, Red Thread, Citizens Against Rape and Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association.



  1. Nicole Cole, is an embarrassment to women. Those PNC people only waiting for an opportunity to run in the streets and protest. The PNC/AFC are willing to do anything to make Guyana looks bad.

  2. put pressure on ppp and police…something has to give…when the crime..kick donk de doo bandits were in working mode no one heard from these so called rights activists did they…now that de chickens are roosting..you will hear all the cries the hollerings the bawlings for ppp and police to get it right…we need winston felix to turn the police attention away from the crimes killings..

  3. Why would Cole urge people not to come to Guyana? Are you PNC people mad? So who will be involved in observing our election? Nicole Cole Are you doing what Granger tell you to do? Are you a football like Vanessa Kissoon? Granger using you PNC women any how he feel like. Why can’t you people be more constructive? All the PNC people know is to run in the street and protest, just to make Guyana look bad. This Godless woman telling people not to come to Guyana. “Sexual Assault Awareness” Are you trying to make the police aware of sexual assault? What is wrong with you people? what is wrong with you people? Can’t you people think? Workshop! Keep workshop! Go to the school and keep work shop! Go to community that are vulnerable and keep workshop! Invite Psychologist and other doctors along with the police to your workshop. Invite Lawyers to your workshop!
    What are you doing in the street? Work with the police you empty head, don’t fight with them. What’s wrong with you people? I wonder if Granger is planning to rig the election? Lumumba, said the PNC used to get them to vote fifteen times each. WOW!


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