Ramotar, Granger debate a “go, go, go” – Luncheon

President David Granger and Former President, Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.
President Donald Ramotar and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The proposed debate between incumbent President Donald Ramotar and Presidential Candidate of the Opposition coalition Brigadier (rtd.) David Granger is a “go, go, go.”

The confirmation of the debate, being organsied by the Private Sector Commission, came from Dr Roger Luncheon, at his weekly post-Cabinet news briefing on Wednesday, April 01.

Meanwhile, Luncheon indicated that concerns about abuse of the state media by the governing PPP, has to be addressed by the elections administrator GECOM.

“In the context of elections, there is, and as far as I know it has never been revoked, a GECOM statutory responsibility of assigning and enforcing equal access,” Luncheon said at the Presidential Secretariat in Georgetown. He said that this so-called enforcement responsibility governs both the state and private media.

The Private Sector Commission Chairman, Ramesh Persaud had written President Ramotar calling for all contesting parties to be given equal access to the state media.

Persaud, in his letter, had said that in the PSC’s engagements with various local and overseas stakeholders, the issue of equitable access to state and private radio and television were seen as a priority.

He said the PSC had “determined that it is necessary for there to be a clear and defined policy and requirements governing broadcast licensees.”

Persaud called on the President to urgently address the issue, suggesting that the regulations of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa with regard to regulations governing Party Election Broadcasts and Political Advertisements during the election period, be considered.

Luncheon said that he is yet to be made aware of this letter from Persaud to the President.

However, he said any response from the President would invoke existing statutory provisions which points to equal access is “fundamental” in an elections period on the part of both the state and private media.



  1. dis is total advantage..poor old granger is an army order taker and is not too bright education wise..de dagger is not a politicians period..he only makes up things as he tag along..ow man..dont let dis debate take plce…the debate that should take place for all guyanese to see is…jagdeo vs…basil williams…nigel hughes..winston felix..greenidge and dash in hambo geen…all of them against jag…jag must get equal time to address all dem pnc people..go for dat debate..ramotar will crush and crunch up danger granger wid he own dagger lol

  2. Debate is most welcome, but would it be fair to put an bright Economist with a soldier? Who will be invited to observe this debate? Vanessa Kissoon, the law breaker would be there? Is Marcelle Williams the law breaker related to Basil Williams? Those other PNC/AFC trouble makers namely Juliet Atwell, Alieshaw Baker, and Leonie Alexander, are they coming to the debate? As long as those hooligans going I’m not going. I cannot stand those women!


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