US Embassy reprimands Kaieteur News for “irresponsible” article


US Embassy[] – The United States Embassy in Georgetown has chastised local newspaper, Kaieteur News for publishing a fictional article in its Wednesday, April 01 edition under the headline: “US revokes four Gov’t officials’ visas” that was published today was purely a work of fiction.

A statement from the Embassy made it clear that it has not cancelled any visas of high-ranking Government officials nor is the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in country questioning individuals as the article states.

According to the US Embassy, the newspaper admitted that the article was an “April Fool’s day joke.”

“Kaieteur News exercised poor judgment in printing this article under the auspices of an April Fools joke. The US Embassy calls for an immediate retraction of the article by Kaieteur News in both their online and print versions of their newspaper,” the Embassy noted in a press statement.



  1. The stupidy joke is what Forbes Burnham played on us.
    The only problem it came true.
    He divided us racially.
    And he saddled us with a crap load of debt.
    He also kill our bread and butter rice crops and destroy our infrastructure.

  2. like de lead funds ah get turn off from de state department …dem ah complain now bout glentrick and adumb….dem shudda tek heed and warning lang time now…somebody rope somebody wrang side meh now sarry, meh mean backside ? Glad dem ah come to dem senses now…maybe, just maybe de hustler and de dumbster gun know dem place now…

  3. Glen Lall , Is the most corrupt businessman in Guyana, and every Guyanese knows that in their heart. He is wicked and racial! Glen said he gave his son- in- law and daughter two million US dollars on the other hand he gave hundred thousand dollars to Ewing Crum plenty children. The question is Glen Lall children are better human than we pikini them?

  4. This was not the best of “All Fools Day” jokes. Somebody at Kaieteur News made a poor decision. But who knows…sometimes stupidee jokes does come true

  5. LIES R U
    Kaieteur News.
    They are provocateurs.
    If you want to read the epitome of trash.
    You got it.

  6. That’s a norm with Kaieteur news. We are not surprised. Why didn’t Kaieteur News print a lie that Vanessa Kissoon commit suicide out of confusions. All of Guyana knows what Kaieteur news stand for. It was confirm by Winston Felix. When listen to
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” on the internet, and “Fire captured on tape making firearms deal” for a bribe, Also. “Then top cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on one of their own member” another pawn.
    What a shame!! Glen Lall should take news paper to Jonestown.

  7. this is just a sham to make ppp happy…glen baboolall is an agent of US…no big deal here ok…even though the uS does call kn news de muckracker…they are all family ..


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