“Voodoo, Karma, monkeys and ordinary people” – Budget debate continues

APNU+AFC MP for Region 10, Jermaine Figueira makes his presentation.

By Jomo Paul

APNU+AFC MP for Region 10, Jermaine Figueira makes his presentation.
APNU+AFC MP for Region 10, Jermaine Figueira makes his presentation.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 2015 budget debate continued on Tuesday afternoon in the National Assembly with two Regional Members of Parliament making some bashful presentations.

APNU+AFC MP for Region 10 (Upper-Demerara Upper- Berbice), Jermaine Figueira in his maiden presentation stated that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic during its time in office ignored the needs of the Region but the residents still remained strong.

According to the new MP, now that the Party has been voted out of office, “the fish bones in our throats and monkeys on our backs” are gone.

He stated too that while the PPP was in office it failed to present tangible efforts to develop Guyana but now that the Party is in Opposition, it seems to have all the answers to the woes being faced by Guyana.

“Big cats and voodoo projects were the order of the day as the PPP became disconnected with the people and their needs,” he said.

Meanwhile, PPP’s Region Six (Corentyne-Berbice) Representative, Zulfikar Mustapha in his presentation however said that the Budget is filled with PPP ideas.

He warned the Alliance For Change (AFC) against its partnership with A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), contending that it will be a case of Déjà vu.

PPP’s Region Six representative, Zulfikar Mustapha
PPP’s Region Six representative, Zulfikar Mustapha

“We are having history repeating itself …we are hearing NU not PNC but Mr Speaker, karma is a funny thing,” said Mustapha.

The MP complained that there is ethnic cleansing, saying “many bright young people who are in government services and because of their political affiliation they are being sent home.”

He added that “ordinary people must not be threatened or suffer losses because they support a particular political party.” The PPP MP also claimed that the $221B budget is nothing more than a burden to the people of Guyana.




  1. Exactly which foot are you referring to and what vibrant treasury ,were you living under a rock? The people who voted the PPP out were smart, And i say good riddance to the crooks and thieves, what a disgusting bunch.

  2. Our present government has met a great of mess, which must be cleaned, even while taking decisions and making policies to take the country forward. We have the specialty hospital, the Mariott and the Skeldon sugar nightmares to grapple with. If you cannot be fair to our new government while they are making strenuous effort to take the country forward without an underground economy. Then perhaps you can best serve as an advisor to the present parliamentary opposition group.

  3. Stop giving misinformation if you have evidence that Hamilton Green killed Walter Rodney take it to the gpf or the COI or shut the hell upm

  4. Guyana is finished under the APNU “PACK” of dunce! Did anyone observe Ramjattan English? Is this guy for real? Now that PPP is in Parliament, the education level of the APNU ministers are beginning to come to light- The only two educated ministers are Basil Williams and Nigel Huge….ALL the remainder are complete dunce! APNU need to fix their issues fast and stop chasing after lost ghost! It is the worst way to waste your time and tax payer dollars….they need to deliver what the promised the people – developed economy, improve dollar value, create jobs and reduce crime….stop focus on the PPP past and history….the people on North America who put you into power, will soon remove you ALL if your performance stinks…..No one cares what the PPP did! The PNC did worst and the PPP did not go after them -Like Hamilton Green should be in Jail for Walter Roodney and his first wife assassination but PPP moved past that. APNU need to change their acts….Jagdeo is wealthy enough to leave Guyana had he wated to do so and live happy in somewhere that is not a third world country but he choose to remain in Guyana and serve the people who voted for him! Unless this government can work as a team with the PPP to make Guyana better, there will be ZERO change in Guyana.

  5. Hey Mustapata ethnic cleansing is what papa Cheddi did in 1992, when he fired all those black people , I know you country people not 2 politically smart , but damn Mustapata the greatest burden on the people’s back is right in your eye sight ,the Skeldon sugar factory .

  6. I have to agee with you Tony. It appers to be a game of solitaire game on her laptop. You would think that an MP would have something constructive to do in Parliament. To me this is a huge disrepect to the MPs and even more so the taxpayers. I hope am wrong too.

  7. the ppp party is bankrupt of ideas and they all together cannot string a few thought together to make one bit of sense!

    here this party hack mustapha is claiming that “the budget is filled with all ppp ideas” and in the same breath “the $221b budget by the new administration is nothing more than a burden to the people of guyana.”

    bharat jagdeo, some supporters are saying that you are the most brilliant politician guyana produced, although i think you are nothing but a divisive and wuthless character and you probably have hacks like mustapha talking trash nonsense and disgracing the guyana parliament because all a’yuh outta a’yuh freakin’ minds.

  8. PNC recked Guyana’s economy for 28 long years and had all the answers how to fix the economy when they were in opposition.

    Now that they are in Government and inherit a vibrant treasury thanks to the PPP/C their representatives are casting stones against the said party that got this country back on its feet.

    A PNC will always be a PNC. You cannot disguise yourselves.

  9. It is quite obvious that the level of discourse in terms of civility once associated with the National Assembly is no longer there. Where is President Granger in terms of coaching and guiding these ‘young Turks’ within the parliamentary rank of the APNU+AFC?

    In fact, these days President Granger seems to be less visible, MIA or simply AWOL much to the collective chagrin of the electorate that voted him and his merrymen into public office. The big question is exactly who the bloody hell is running the country – is it Granger or Harmon? Everyday, Harmon is on this tireless crusade aided and abetted by ‘Nagamotoo’ and his chief heckler – ‘Rumjattan’ of dismissing anyone associated with or employed under the PPP Regime or accusing them of fraud and worst yet using ‘parliamentary prerogative’ of threatening them with jail time. This kind of conduct is totally unacceptable.

    In the meantime as this ‘circus maximus’ continue to engage in verbal antics and subterfuge – the real issues continue to be sadly ignored and that is the economy for all intensive purposes. Scores of businesses are being robbed, their owners violently attacked for measly amounts of G$12,000.00, homes of victims are being openly attacked by chainsaw gangs (Guyana’s own version of the Texas ChainSaw Massacre will soon follow) and many more lives are being destroyed because of political sloth, witch-hunting, inaction, indolence on the part of those in charge in addressing the real issues of the day.

    The APNU+AFC duo were not elected to settle scores and create havoc but to offer comfort, solace and the opportunity for a fresh beginning. What about turning over a new leaf and simply letting go of the past because it will only consume us all as a nation. What about President Granger’s promise of no witch hunts and inclusivity?
    Were these simply hallowed promises geared towards winning political power because it does not require a degree on astro-physics to see through this ruse and come next elections – no one will likely bother with President Granger and his lost battalion.

    Is President Granger even remotely aware that several large business entities in this country such as GAFSONS Industries, TPL, GT&T, Massy and elsewhere are being forced to send home scores of employees because of declining economic circumstances? What about the search for new rice markets for the new rice crop of more than 350,000 tons or have they simply forgotten about the rice industry and the nightmare ahead of it?

    The economy should be of paramount importance because if this goes into free fall then there will not be much left to argue about as every household will face the ill effects of a total economic meltdown given the poor future for sugar and the continuing decline of the commodities sector which Guyana is sadly over reliant upon. President Granger needs to lead, follow or get out of the way and likewise be reminded of what the late, valiant Margaret Thatcher once said – “it is the economy stupid” (certainly not inferring that President Granger is stupid).


    INCIDENTALLY, I have never seen monkeys having any discussions, much less a debate.

    And even though some of our political representatives in Parliament does not display the behavior of gentlemen.

    They are most certainly not MONKEYS.

    Because if they were, that is NOT SAYING MUCH for those of us, who elected them to represent us therein.

  11. If they are young and bright and misappropriating funding and not fulfilling their contractual agreement and are incompetent they need to be sent home, fired or put behind bars. They are not above the law whether they are ppp affiliates or otherwise. Mustapha where is the ethnic cleansing? The majority of employees hired were indians and ppp affiliation. You forgot conveniently. If they did not fulfill their work responsibilities then they should be fired or charged with a crime just like the afro guyanese ppp affiliates which you seem to forgot or else you would not describe it as ethnic cleansing . So, it is not about ethnic cleansing. it is about good and honest governance. .

  12. Am I seeing right? Take a look at the woman sitting next to Colin Croal I believe, it appears that a game of solitaire is on her laptop. Someone please tell me I am wrong that a sitting MP is playing solitaire in Parliament. I do hope I am wrong with what I am seeing.

  13. Mustapha, I think you were left in the birth canal too long. You have mild brain damage poor things, that’s what you bring to parliament that is so sad…”FLUFF”


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