Civil Aviation Amendment Bill for National Assembly soon – Ferguson

Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson

By Jomo Paul

Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson
Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson

[] – Junior Public Infrastructure Minister, Annette Ferguson has decried the state of Guyana’s aviation sector and says that a Civil Aviation Amendment Bill will soon be tabled in the National Assembly.

Ferguson made the announcement during the presentation of her 2015 Budget speech where she stated that the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is plagued by gross incompetence and mismanagement.

According to the Minister, GCAA has not been able to fulfill its mandate to the stakeholders in the industry, noting that Guyana has the “lowest level of effective implementation standards establish to ensure safe and ordinary development of aviation in South America.”

Guyana’s rate is just below 50% while the regional average is 75%. Ferguson made it clear that Guyana will spare no effort to ensure that it achieves the Category One Rating which includes the recruitment of qualified and competent technical staff.

This, the Minister stated, will see strengthening of the GCAA to deliver its mandate, stating that the aim is to see changes to regulatory framework that govern the operations of the aviation sector in Guyana.

“I expect as well industry consultations on a new set of operation regulations will be commenced,” said Ferguson.



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