“Skeldon Sugar factory is sucking the treasury dry” – APNU+AFC Region 5 MP

APNU+AFC’s Region 5 Representative, Jennifer Wade

By Jomo Paul

APNU+AFC’s Region 5 Representative, Jennifer Wade
APNU+AFC’s Region 5 Representative, Jennifer Wade

[www.inewsguyana.com] – APNU+AFC’s Region 5 Representative, Jennifer Wade did not hold back when she critiqued the perceived misgivings of the previous People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) government and has pledged that the new administration would do better.

Wade in here 15 minutes presentation to the House on Tuesday, August 18 heavily criticised the former government for its handling of Guyana’s agriculture sector. She noted that while Region 5 is one of Guyana’s main agricultural regions, much thought has not been given to the development infrastructure in the area.

According to Wade, Former President Bharrat Jagdeo had promised residents in a certain area in the region to provide them with lights; however almost a decade has passed and persons in the area are not affiliated with simplicities like television and refrigerator.

Wade went further into the agricultural sector stating that the new government has inherited a “broken” rice industry and a sugar industry that is dependent on subventions.

“It has not been easy for the new government to deal with the mess it inherited from the last government but we have made good strides Mr Speaker,” said Wade.

She said that while production costs in the rice sector remain high with low prices for paddy, sugar continues to take a heavy toll on Guyana’s treasury.

“The multibillion white elephant in Skeldon – that sugar factory is sucking the treasury dry,” said the MP. She noted that the new APNU+AFC government will see the establishment of a Development Bank to aid the sector.

“We will provide the very agricultural bank that the farmers want so badly,” said Wade.


  1. Guyana sugar production and the methods used for cultivation has to change.. ppl goin on like if what ppp cause the sugar industry to be in the shape it’s in.. our sugar is mainly sold to Europe and they have cut the value of sugar from all the abcs country… but these fools who don’t live in guyana think they no it all… they don’t live in country,probably can’t remember what main St looks like. Is the oppsition turned defacto govt wanted to shut down or sell out the company.. so their excuses is jus pathetic.. “let’s see how the cookie crumbles”


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