Venezuelan VP informs Haitian President on Essequibo case

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Jorge Arreaza
Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Jorge Arreaza

[] – Venezuelan Executive Vice-President Jorge Arreaza met on Friday, August 21 with Haitian President Michel Martelly, as part of a tour of the Caribbean to reassert his government’s position on Venezuela’s claim over the Essequibo.

According to a report on Venezuela’s El Universal, during his meeting on Monday morning, Arreaza elaborated on the reasons for Venezuela’s claim over the Essequibo. The Venezuelan government seeks to solve the border controversy by diplomatic means in the context of the international law.

“I wish the government of President David Granger will also prepare to sit down to do what we have done since 1966 (observe the Geneva Agreement), look for a solution with dialogue, a solution in accordance with international law,” Arreaza told TV network Telesur, AVN quoted.

Arreaza chairs the Presidential Committee for Border Affairs, set up last July by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.



  1. Venezuela was they stripped rudely by the British Empire to its Essequibo territory, part of the Venezuelan Guayana, from the mid-19th century the British were invading Venezuela from its setting of the former Dutch Guiana sold to them Americans and the British divided the territory of Venezuela, incluyendole the Essequibo to the Territory of Guyana, Venezuela began discussions that lasted until 1966, when the Geneva Award was approved, stating irritated the Paris decision in which they themselves were divided our lands without the consent of Venezuela. Geneva Award has nothing to do with the claim of any land territory of Guyana; the territory of Guyana Guyana; what is discussed in terms of the Rio Essequibo, which always belonged to the Captaincy General of Venezuela and so determined Constitution of 1811 and ratified Bolivar, after Independence. The dispute that there is the Ezequibo River; Guyana’s territory reaches eastern Essequibo river

  2. Is he on drugs, his obsession with claiming Essequibo is a nuisance. I see Essequibo bordered by Brazil, where is the border line with Venezuela, am I reading the map wrong? Or did the PPP make some financial deal with them, that no one’s aware of?


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