Granger out of Guyana; controversy brews over Acting President’s appearance in National Assembly

Acting President, Moses Nagamootoo, Vice Presidents CarlGreenidge and Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Acting President, Moses Nagamootoo, Vice Presidents CarlGreenidge and Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews' Photo]
Acting President, Moses Nagamootoo, Vice Presidents CarlGreenidge and Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Without any public notice or announcement, President David Granger has left the jurisdiction for Trinidad and Tobago for “private business,” which saw Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo being sworn in as Acting President.

When questioned about the President’s impromptu departure, Nagamootoo and Vice President, Carl Greenidge were initially secretive about the President’ trip and even his location during a press conference at Parliament building on Monday, August 24.

But due to continuous questions from the media, it was revealed that the President left Guyana on Sunday, August 23 and is expected to return today, Monday August 24.

At first, Greenidge said that the President is away on “formal but not official” business; however Nagamootoo later clarified that the trip is a private one.

Another issue of contention however is that Nagamootoo arrived at Parliament today for the consideration of the Budget estimates, something which the Opposition PPP objects to.

Nagamootoo is of the view that there is no issue with him being the Acting President and present in the National Assembly. When questioned about the issue, he told reporters, “ I am here as Prime Minister of Guyana and as Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly, who has been assigned additional functions of the President; I’m still the Prime Minister of Guyana…I’m here not as acting President but Prime Minister performing the functions of the Office of the President.”

Former Attorney General and Opposition Parliamentarian, Anil Nandlall has criticized this position of the acting President, making it clear that he cannot be in the National Assembly until he’s no longer the acting President.

“His presence here and if he attempts to participate in any proceedings of the National Assembly, it will be in violation of the constitution of Guyana. It is shocking that Mr Nagamootoo who is a lawyer and all the lawyers who are on that side are not aware of such an elementary, legal and constitutional requirement,” Nandlall told iNews.

According to the former AG, if the acting President is sitting as a Parliamentarian, then “the entire business of the Parliament will be tainted by an unconstitutionality and that means that the entire proceedings that we will be embarking upon will be unlawful, illegal, unconstitutional, null, void and of no effect.”

Nandlall said that the issue was raised with the Speaker of the National Assembly.



  1. Gary you are a spare no effort in attacking me for my honest views and opinion.who are you to judge one,s intellectual ability,condemns and call them ignorant.Your language speaks for you.Do not judge least you be judge.Every one is free to express their opinion.

  2. james pedro, wha happen to you? Atleast de man cyan act! he gon get an academy award soon! Na hustle de snakle, de namakharam! leh ee crawl as long as ee want until day ketch ee

  3. Interesting indeed but you need to look at the activities/ behaviour of both parties in and out of parliament from an historical angle. Which one of the two parties instigated violence against certain section of the population? Which party was used by the CIA to instigate looting, arson, violence in Georgetown in particular against Indian owned businesses during the 60’s? Which party had what is known as the X13 plan? Which section of the population was ethnically cleansed from Wismar after scores were murdered (my cousin, Richard Khan was the first to be slaughtered) and most homes and businesses were burned? If you don’t know the answers then read the CIA declassified documents on British Guiana.
    More recently, who advocated ”slow fiah mo fiah” ? Who declared that they would ”make the country ungovernable? Who instigated the violence at Linden where three persons were shot? Who instigated the violence at Agricola and who were the victims? Who called for partition in the 60’s? Do some research.
    If you think Guyana should be made into two countries then I would rather live in the Essequibo where I hail from. Might get a better deal from Venezuela.
    The PNC will never loose its stripes and love of violence unless it gets own way.
    The PNC need to tell the truth to some TRUTH COMMISSION like what South Africa had. Leaders of both parties must start talking with both as equal players. Trust needs to be developed. Form a government of NATIONAL UNITY not like they now have; a government born out of a marriage of convenience. Then PRONTO! Guyana becomes the HONG KONG or DUBAI of the Caribbean.

  4. Granger can do what he likes… No one questioning when the tapeworm used to fly off here there and everywhere whenever he wanted too… Or the other thick one flying off in the drug and money launders jet till they snatch he rass…

  5. Are you all serious. Guyana is less than a million people. There are cities in the world with more than the population of Guyana and are able to function very effectively and efficiently with lot less government. (6 vice presidents) come on…” too much chief and no Indians”. When Guyanese politicians realize that it’s not about the people in power (themselves) but, about the efficient use of the people’s money (TAXES) and how it will build a better, sustainable and more marketable Guyana for the Guyanese people and the world Guyana will evolve into a gem of South America. Guyana has so much to offer the world. When will we grow up???? Please think of country and citizens first. It will go a long way in the end. AND QUTT THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF AND HOW YOU CAN FILL YOUR POCKETS.

  6. Guyana can NEVER move forward to prosperity as a Nation because there is too much hatred by both parties.
    Guyana needs to be divided into two separate countries, only then can everyone be respected and prosper.

  7. Un-qualify? Officials who are responsible for a nation have no comprehension skills; they can’t read and interpret the laws. Which hunting is all they are good for.

  8. Gary Shut up and take a seat.

    Clearly this arrogant Prime Minister and Acting President does not understand the constitution of Guyana. A president acting or not does not participate in the National Assembly.

    At this point there must be an acting Prime Minister to fulfil his duties since he is filling in for the de facto President.

  9. All you dishonest, unprincipled sidekicks …. right must be right ….nagamottoo is being dishonest by sitting in parliament as acting president …x heck the constitution have any of u ever read a s much a page of it ?

  10. It is clear that his acting appointment is purely ceremonial; otherwise, he would not have the time to sit in parliament.

  11. Check out the blind asses in the Facebook comments, they are the ones who chose the way Guyanese have to live and accept but they not coming back to GT to suffer through with them, they living their American dream


  13. anni just be quiet …soupie … I am going to say this even though I know you have no understanding of what this quote means. ” MEDIOCRITY ALWAYS ATTACK EXCELLENCE” ….go figure it out!!!

  14. Massiah I totally agree with you, these people did what ever they wanted when they were in power. They stole, they marginalized, they discriminated, and a whole litany of illegal things now they want accountability. Hypocrisy.

  15. If the Current Opposition party had held themselves to half of the expectations (yes 50%) they hold today of the current ruling party, that that said opposition party would have remained in power for a long time…..this is really all about politics and nothing about much else…peace

  16. This govt thinks they are above the law.Constitution is not of importance to them.How could one with limited knowledge of governance rule a country.power is their game.That is all that matters to them.

  17. Sir Massiah, the president of any country leaving the country on private or official business must be made public. That’s the norm for any president or prime minister of ANY country

  18. Sir Massiah,
    The President of any country must let the it be known to the nation whenever he leaves the country on private or official business. That’s basic constitutional courtesy. Only visits to certain countries for certain high officials, are not publicised for security reasons and that is for those countries where there are active military operations. Granger is not in that category

  19. this the kind of ASSES we have to rule Guyana, What a disgrace to the nation, The acting President don,t know his duties……need someone to tell him and his collegue everything SHAME ON YOU GUYS

  20. The new rulers will rule with their iron fist. Do anyone think they really care for or about the constitution? The entire world saw these same rulers in action in the 10th parliament when they were trampling on the said constitution by cutting government estimates. The new rulers were / are the untouchables. Jimmy Carter and those at GECOM must be dying of laughter on how their installed rulers are ruling.

  21. The Role Of The V P In Parliament!

    The President or Acting president of Guyana cannot sit and participate in the business of government during parliamentary proceedings.

    And the Prime Minister cannot in the position of “Acting” or Vice president of Guyana” sit in and participate in any parliamentary proceedings.

    This is in keeping with the rules pertaining to the role of the President and V P of Guyana.

    Any deliberate violation of this rule, is a disregard of the Constitution Of Guyana.

    Furthermore, when the president leaves the country on Official or Private business, the Commonweal has a RIGHT to be informed.

    After all, he is the ELECTED Head Of State.

    And his actions are accountable to the Commonweal of Guyana at all times.

  22. Moses is so arrogant and intoxicated with power, his sense of reasoning in addition to understanding basic constitutional/ parliamentary procedures have all gone to further inflate his oversized ego. They, according to the Trotman, are now ruling the kingdom, one can expect anything to happen. Nothing counts. They will do as they well please regardless of constitutionally or not. They will bulldoze all parliamentary norms and conventions just to get their way.

  23. Like I said everything is unconstitutional about the screw up govt we have,that just took over the country by mere intimidation and with the support of the US. Now nagas want suck and blow too..he want two things at one time.. of course now is about crossing t and dotting I.. isn’t that what dem campaign was about.. so wtf people saying now… who is the hippocrite.. “let’s see how the cookie crumbles.”

  24. These hustlers never allowed a little thing like procedure and rules bother them while at the helm. Now all of a sudden they arer all about crossing tees and dotting I(s) Such hypocrisy.

  25. What kind of schupidness is this? Is Naga the Acting President or the Prime Minister? He cannot be both at the same time. Do these people think Guyanese are stupid?

    And exactly what does “formal but not official” mean? This govt is looking more and more foolish every day.


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