APNU+AFC recommits to fulfilling promises in 100 days plan

President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.

By Fareeza Haniff

President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.
President and Prime Minister elect, David Granger (right) and Moses Nagamootoo.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Today, Monday August 24 marks 100 days since the APNU+AFC has been in office and a renewed commitment has been made by Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo to fulfill its 21 promises made in the 100 days plan.

The Prime Minister at a press conference today acknowledged that the administration has not been able to deliver on all that was promised and cited various reasons why this is the case.

“Where there had not been completion of a particular promise in terms of implementability, I had said what was the reason…for example, the Public Procurement Commission, which had required certain specific mechanisms to kick it into action. We have in fact to 100 day today, kept those promises and we are continuing to deepen the implementation of all those promises,” the Prime Minister said.

He explained that government was challenged by several issues, including floods, territorial threat from neighboring Venezuela and the Opposition PPP which boycotted Parliament and refused recognise the legitimacy of the APNU+AFC government.

When asked when the remaining promises would be fulfilled, Nagamootoo could not give a specific deadline, but assured that the government will keep it word.

“This has never happened before or 53 years in my service to public life, I have never seen any political party being as bold as this coalition to put in writing what it intended to do in 100 days and that must go to our credit and show the extent to which we intend to keep those promises,” Nagammotoo said.

A quick perusal of the 100 days plan will indicate that 14 of the 21 promises were delivered by the coalition government, which includes lowering the Berbice Bridge toll, salary increases for public servants, implementation of phased VAT reduction, increase in old age pension, reduction of the President’s pension and other benefits, return of TV Stations to Lindeners, tax exemption on equipment for small scale miners, cane workers and farmers conference; rice farmers, millers conference; investigative commission on corruption, code of conduct for Ministers, Parliamentarians and other government officials; national Toshaos conference, adoption of a long term sustainable economic plan and the implementation of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act.

Other outstanding promises include naming a date for the long overdue Local Government Elections, establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, establishing passport and birth certificate licensing offices in Berbice, Essequibo and Linden; task force for crime, security and road safety; national conference on women, national youth conference and the liberalization of the telecoms and ICT sectors.





  1. OneEyeOnGT, based on what is evolving, you need to reconsider whether there has been any change. We have retrogression, it is spoilt wine in seemingly new bottle..there is/was no need for change… have you properly considered if the Opposition now the ruling cabal allowed the then Government to proceed with its fiscal and economic plans unhindered since 2011 where we would have been by May 2015 ? Had we not have the Mashramani jail breakout which was a very organized event and the concomitant actions where we would have been ? If we did not have Lusignan massacre, Linden, Bartica etc where we would have been ? Hope you are not one eyed !!!

  2. To you blinded hypocrites 14 of 21 is better than half and much better and commendable than 23 years of thuggery and false promises by the derelict ppp dont you think.

  3. Scarface; the common “a” that Harmon is talking about it the grade you get for being capital STUPID. Change my fellow Guyanese is not a turnkey event, but rather a process. Don’t stop writing though, you are amusing and a good example of representation of what you appear to represent.

  4. What about the cummingsburg accord mr. President. U put a Big shaft on rumjathan & moses. The AFC have No power.

  5. Poor Nagamoottoo will now be able to live “the good life” based on media report he want his 2.2 M per month for being minister in charge of the media.

  6. Guyana can NEVER move forward to prosperity as a Nation because there is too much hatred by both parties.
    Guyana needs to be divided into two separate countries, only then can everyone be respected and prosper.

  7. Oh how you wish the cookie crumble, quite the opposite, they have gotten a lot done without the assistance of the opposition who sole intention is to obstruct this administration at every turn. My heart bleeds for my beloved country.

  8. Is this a joke. This man Naga must be a complete idiot. His arrogance is getting getting out of control.

    This Coalation will never deliver on those promises made during the election campaign. It’s not going to happen . Guyanese voted for a change however it’s not for the better.

  9. What “a” grade Harmon talking about.. has the lives of guyanese changed.. has the killings stop? Have the old age pensioners benefitted? Have the public servants gotten the relief? I thought them say the treasury broke? I guess we the guyanese have all been pakooed into voting for change.. but we see change, all the indians are corrupted and their ppl are to benefit.. I wonder if guyana was so broke,corrupted and filled with nepotism then how is it that ramjattan,hermon,Moses, the huges and all other f**+ benefitted.. hipocracy!!! ” the cookie is crumbling”..


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