Venezuela’s President pulls out of CARICOM meeting

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro

[] – Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro will no longer be attending the CARICOM Heads of Government Summit, according to a report on Nation News website.

Maduro was expected to arrive on Friday, July 03 but it has been revealed that Vice President Jorge Arreaza will be attending instead, the report stated. No reason has been given for the change.

In his first address to CARICOM yesterday at Hilton Barbados, Guyana’s President David Granger begged his fellow leaders to strongly condemn the bullying tactics of Venezuela, which he said was parading its military might over one of the least populated and poorer countries in the region.

President Granger had also noted that he had received an invitation to attend a meeting with Maduro following the CARICOM meeting but would only do so if Venezuela withdraws the Presidential decree, which lay claims to Guyana’s oil rich waters.



  1. It is a good thing,that Maduro is mad about his own bullyism and madness,evading the Caricom meeting because of his attitude.It would have been a most embarrassing moment for him and rightly so,afterall,he doesn`t seem to be as mad as I think he is.I hope he becomes sensitive to his callous and inimical behavior,allowing good sense to prevail,keeping his hands off what does not belong to him.

  2. The President and his foreign affairs team should be commended for their brilliant tactical approach at the Caricom summit. President Granger’s forceful speech last night as well as the terms he demanded by Venezuela for a meeting left him with no other option but to cancel to avoid a potentially embarrassing trip. Maduro’s “Gun-Boat Diplomacy” has met its match. My guess is the President will fly over Venezuela enroute to Colombia to shore up additional regional support. The noose is getting tight around the neck of this decree; hope to see its obituary soon.


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