Carol Sooba fired as Town Clerk

Carol Sooba. [iNews' Photo]
Carol Sooba.
Carol Sooba.

[] – City Mayor Hamilton Green has confirmed that Carol Sooba’s appointment as Town Clerk for the City of Georgetown has been officially revoked by the government and a replacement will soon fill the post.

The Mayor told iNews on Friday, July 03 that Sooba received her letter of dismissal from the government. The letter is dated July 01 and was sent to Sooba by the Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan.

It states that “Please be informed that your appointment as Town Clerk (ag) of the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown is hereby revoked.”

Her dismissal takes effect on July 07. Several efforts made by iNews to contact Sooba were unsuccessful.

Sooba, who has had a strenuous tenure as Town Clerk with her appointment being confirmed at one time and a Court Ruling subjecting her to the position of de facto Town Clerk, was sent on administrative leave by the council on May 25, shortly after the APNU+AFC government took office.

There have been many challenges to Sooba’s appointment in the past, with the APNU+AFC while in Opposition, stating that she is not qualified for the post.



  1. It is SHOCKING that this LIBELOUS comment by this Alesha Persaud has been published by I-News! You don’t have to like Hamilton Green to detest this piece. Where is the evidence. I-News is also responsible for this libel by this Alesha Persaud..

  2. So glad this excuse for a female and human being was released from her duties to stir and cause trouble
    another example of PPP persons with little to no qualifications and being propelled into positions they are clearly incapable of performing, hence the running down of a country to its lowest common denomination….Now at least, this country can breath freely again

  3. It’s about time we see some changes there. Next we need is a young vibrant mayor for the city…in the same manner America made a youthful and smart Obama the president…a younger man with new and fresh ideas to move things forward…

  4. Observer, you once said,you do not belong to any political party,…who are u kidding, your slip is showing!!..there was no one in the ppp ever agood person,but they are all good in pnc. I have been critical of the last govt,,…I am optimistic

  5. They already gave him a medal and restore his power. He ain’t going any way until after election.

  6. you Alesha Persaud,one can take the pig out the mud but you cant take the mud out of the pig.You are such a dumb and idiotic clown.What do you know about Hami,s wife demise?you should be placed before the court for false allegation.You guys are so bitter angry and diabolic.You are mad because your corrupt PEE pee PEE WAS KICKED OUT OF OFFICE,GO DRINK SOME gRAMMAXONE OR JUmP OFF Kaieteur fall.Racist uncivalised baffoon.

  7. The entire City Council should be fired! It is clear that they are extremely incompetent and corrupt. We have had enough of these square pegs in round holes. Look at the filth, confusion, disorganisation and stink of GT.

  8. I also never heard the term ‘POWER ON LOAN’. It is somewhat ambiguous but based on my interpretation, Jagdeo and the others should have known that that the power they had was a ‘loaner’ and from what I know about loans, they do not last for ever, they do get paid off. That goes for either party. It should be all about the people and not self gratification. The PPP took care of themselves and watch the people suffer. what a shame

  9. Hayley, I have no idea who that woman is but based on her performance on Facebook, I also share your sentiments. I am quite certain there were qualified people who could have had that position but I guess the government was ‘sharing’ positions only to a select few. I don’t think she could have gotten that job the traditional and/or legal way….education.

  10. All of those people should be jailed for the genocide they committed against Guyanese citizens. I feel that they should be flushed out and start on a fresh slate with new blood

  11. how can some of you be so downright foolish? hamilton green was elected mayor because for someone to become mayor there must be an election. if you were so concerned about green being mayor, what did you do when the ppp delayed local government since 1994 and despite numerous / repeated calls by the international community to hold local government elections so that the people in the country can determine their future by governing themselves at grassroots level upwards? lemme give you a clue, if come next election the people vote green back as mayor, you cannot do a flippin’ thing because that is how democracy works. the ppp ruled for 23 years and they couldn’t be fired because people voted to keep them there and only now the corruption is being detailed in broad daylight.

  12. Get to hell out Carol Sooba you unqualified party hack. Why not ask your bosses at the PPP for a job both you and your thug bodyguard. Finally you’re off the neck of the citizens of Georgetown. Maybe next time if there is a next time you’ll be more humble.

  13. you idiot, green was elected mayor and he was not installed like this ppp stooge who was incompetent and unqualified to sit as town clerk. take a few civic lessons and you will learn how someone becomes mayor. if you know you could do a better job that green you might even become interested in running for his position next time but learn how to get the job first.

    the other part about rodney’s assassination and poisoning will put you guttersnipe right where you want to be – with a libel suite and penniless just because you like running your stink mouth. you don’t know how a mayor becomes a mayor but you want to talk about assassination and murder.

    only the dunce clamor to the ppp party and you are another typical example!

  14. I have never heard of” POWER ON LOAN”….that is an interesting saying which makes a lot of sense Maybe Jagdeo and Ramotor heed those words..

  15. Something seriously wrong with you. It could possibly be that you just don’t have the knowledge to understand this country constitution. The mayor was elected, they will have to have local govt elections to have him removed. As to the rest of the nonsense that you might have been coerced to write, I will not dignify it with a response.You are living with a lacerated brain. Go get some help.

  16. Hamilton Green MUST Go TOO:

    He represents all that was wrong in the past
    L F S Burhnam administration, and will surely spoil the reputation of the David Granger administration, if he is allowed to fester at the City Council as Mayor.

    This man’s reputation is notoriously filthy and cancerous.

    He MUST be sent home as early as possible.

    Or Possibly Immediately!

  17. So when will Jagdeo be put in jail for all his wrongdoings? There are those who believe that he was responsible for the disappearance of many poor souls.

  18. She wasn’t even qualified for that job so idiots quit talking stuff you have no clue about. ..she knew 8t was coming ask her where is all the money she took for so called lawyers, what she did to the vendors….she can’t speak, read, neither write a damp sentence. ….she was and still an illiterate cunt

  19. If we are going to talk about assination, let us ask the same question about everyone of the PPP/C murders that was committed by their henchmen Roger Khan & Ronald Gajraj under the Jagdeo administration, let all serve their time in jail if the evidence shows – both PPP and PNC. There is Ramsammy also for involvement with Khan as well as Jagdeo. Question is this corrupt criminal Jagdeo still not prosecuted and now to be opposition leader? He also is set to ruin Guyana.

  20. Let me say it yet again; POWER IS ALWAYS ONLY JUST ON LOAN. This lady probably did not see it coming, but here she is, kicked to the curb, and all the POWER she had at City Hall, goooooone. Amen and Amen! Bye-bye Auntie Carol.


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