Consultations on draft youth policy begin

: Some of the participants

By Jomo Paul

document'[] – The Ministry of Education has completed the draft Youth Policy and has already embarked on consultation process with a wide cross section of stakeholders, with an emphasis on youths as steps are taken to have the document ‘perfected.’

On Friday, the Ministry of Education and the Guyana National Youth Council collaborated to commence a two day working session on the draft policy. The session includes members from various youth groupings in Guyana such as the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN), Come Alive Network Inc (CANI) and other politically affiliated youth bodies.

During the working session, many proposals were made to Presidential Advisor on Youth, Aubrey Norton and Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine who advised the participants to put their suggestions in writing and forward it to the Ministry or himself.

Some of the recommendations ranged from rudimentary issues such as the wording of certain clauses in the document and amendments to some of the proposals therein.

Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine and Presidential Advisor on Youth, Aubrey Norton. [iNews' Photo]
Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine and Presidential Advisor on Youth, Aubrey Norton. [iNews’ Photo]
“We are talking with the international organisations to have consultants work with our technical plan to come up with a five year strategic plan. That five year strategic plan will be aimed at empowering young people. They are proposing in the process that there be a high level inter agency committee that monitors the implementation of the plan,” Norton told reporters.

It is hoped that both the plan and the Youth Policy will be ready for implementation by the month of November.

: Some of the participants
: Some of the participants

Meanwhile, the Education Minister charged the youths gathered to present proposals that would fit into the theme of national unity and remove Guyana from being a racially polarized state.

Dr Roopnaraine noted that Guyanese youth must “embark on a crusade for reconciliation” adding that “it is the youth that will take us out of the morass that we are in.”

According to the draft document, the policy builds on a number of research studies, consultations and engagement of youth in recent years including the 2014 National Youth Forum.



  1. There are no youths shown in the picture. Why seek help from outside, when these are there. Weren’t they chosen for a reason? What would this youth empowerment entail? The picture clearly shows the sector of youths that are present, what happen to the indo Guyanese youths? The scale needs to be balanced. Will Rupert/Norton really read the suggestions sent to them? Will Surujbally be recruited to determine the ones that could help?

  2. Some have expressed concern over the “greying” Parliament. Is there a Junior Parliament? If there isn’t, here is an opportunity to set one up, so as to groom the youth for leadership positions in the future.


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