“Put your house in order first” – Pastor tells police ranks

Police ranks during the sermon

By Leroy Smith

Reverend Raphael Massiah
Reverend Raphael Massiah

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Some members of the Guyana Police Force were earlier today told to ensure that their house is in order before they seek to enter the homes of others.

This message came from Reverend Raphael Massiah during a sermon he was delivering to the ranks of ‘A’ Division at their divisional anniversary church service in the presence of Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and Commander, Clifton Hicken.

Reverend Massiah gave the ranks thumbs up for their drive in the direction of rebuilding trust, fostering community relations and partnerships but he did not mince words in addressing the very serious concerns of members of the public.

“Before attempting community relationships we have to get it right at home. No success on the job can compensate for failure at home. Develop a proper relationship at home otherwise you do not have the leverage to explore community relationships when it’s so hard for it to be done in your own home,” Massiah cautioned.

Police ranks during the sermon
Police ranks during the sermon

On the issue of the use of power, the man of God made it clear that police ranks need to be able to use their power in a controlled manner and not allow their personal grievances to guide them.

He also urged for the Force to also shell itself of rouge cops as he criticized those who bring negative press and publicity to their colleagues.

“Shut those down who are bringing negative press and use your investigative skills to find those people you know are the rouge people, flush them out because ultimately they are bringing the bad image to the Force,” the Reverend advised.

The Guyana Police Force is celebrating its 176th anniversary.



  1. Honesty in Guyana almost every Guyanese want something for nothing or to get things
    done fast that’s where the Bribe kicks in,Unity is 50/50

  2. The GPF is always seen in a very negative light, because of the fact that here’re too many hogs and pigs in there’re midst. The most of them are intellectually retarded. They believed that they can talk to anybody anyhow and anytime. Let me give you an example, while driving along North Road, on the Southern carriage way, at the junction of Alexander St, a very busy roadway during the week, I was told in a manner by a police constable to pull into the corner to let some vehicles pass, with a lot of expletives. I complied and asked him if I looked like some of his friends that he talk to. When he came closer to me he was smelling like a rum cast. I continued driving away because his breath could’ve made me drunk. It’s a rarity when you meet a decent policeman. Get the rid of these scum in uniforms.

  3. I have stated it here many times that there are jsut too many rogue cops in the Guyana Police Force. I extend congratulations to those honest and professional police ranks who do the right thing all the time. Let me give you an example of the two sides of Police operations; there is a certain Police Station in Georgetown at which some ranks give very poor all-round service to the General Public. But from that very same Police Station are some excellent Police ranks. God Bless them. Which Police Station am I referring to? The Alberttown Police Station. Bravo and Best wishes to the Kind and Professional Ranks of the Alberttown Police Station. Get rid of the rogues from within your ranks. Happy 176th Anniversary and Best Wishes to the Guyana Police Force.


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