US$30M Giftland Mall to offer unlimited entertainment hot spots  


By Tracey Khan-Drakes

Section that will house various restaurants at Giftland mall

[] –The US $30M Giftland Mall will offer unlimited access to entertainment after it opens for business by the end of May 2015.

During a press conference and media tour of the Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara facility on Thursday April 09, Chairman of Giftland, Roy Beepat boasted of the unlimited and new entertainment hot spots that will be available to patrons locally.

“The Giftland Mall was actually built based on the need of the Guyanese people…life isn’t just about working and having money but how you enjoy it…one of the basic tenets and concept of how we design the Giftland Mall, we have somewhere that’s easily accessible, that’s safe that’s family friendly”

“The Giftland Mall opens 363 days for the year with the exception of Good Friday and Christmas day; it will be opened for shopping from 9 in the morning to 8 o clock in the night.” IMG_0284

The entertainment section of the mall will house an 8,000 square foot kid’s playground, with bungee trampolines, rock climbing, swings & slides, party rooms, concession stands, face painting and many other features.

It will also house a 3,500 square foot kid’s restaurant and video arcade, 500 square foot teens plus modern video arcade, 8 3D theatre cinemas, 4 units of 20 feet long aquariums in different theme settings with live fish and plants.

Additionally the ‘one of a kind mall’ also boasts of 16 different food courts, featuring the widest variety, of food options in the Caribbean with seating for 500.

Its 5 restaurants, features Chinese, English, Indian, Brazilian grill and Italian/seafood, cuisine and also a British pub, coffee shop and American sports bar.

“The food court with its 16 food concessions have a 500 seating area, and offers the widest selection and variety of dishes available in any one spot in the entire Caribbean, these can be seen from the attached concession list, as with all selected stores the quality of the service, design and food are given the highest priority for selection to the mall,” Mr. Beepat added.



  1. Mr. Beepat, Why invest in Guyana? Your facility is so very modern and excited! Why you and Glen Lall and Baadal investing in this rich country and at the same time Glen and Baadal speaks evil of this beautiful Guyana? You sir love this country we know. Could it be that people like Glen and Baadal wants Guyana for themselves?
    Anyways I say let’s continue to modernize Guyana. Let’s continue what President Barrat Jagdeo has started. Long live Dr. Jagdeo! Long live PPP ! VOTE PPP !

  2. this is what pnc cant stand and this is why pnc want to put a stop to ppp…according to pnc—-burnham face must be on your children school books..


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