US Peace Corps Volunteers sworn in by Ambassador Hardt

Some of the Peace Corps Volunteers. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

US Ambassador, Brent Hardt along with the Peace Corps Volunteers. [iNews' Photo]
US Ambassador, Brent Hardt along with the Peace Corps Volunteers. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Thirty-two American citizens were sworn in as peace corps volunteers by the United States Ambassador to Guyana Brent Hardt at the International Conference Centre on Thursday, July 03.

This is the 26th Group of Peace Crop Volunteers who will now be deployed across the country to help communities build on their gains as they learn more about the Guyanese culture and tradition.

The group of young people will make suggestions on how to improve the communities in which they are placed. Most of them will be placed in the health and education sectors.

Some of the Peace Corps Volunteers. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the Peace Corps Volunteers. [iNews’ Photo]
During his address, Ambassador Hardt said many successful Americans were a part of the Peace Corps and it assisted to broaden their horizon on life and the different cultures that exist around the world.

He cautioned the volunteers that this task will be challenging but rewarding and called on them to put their best foot forward. The Ambassador spoke highly of Guyana’s tourism potentials and urged the volunteers to explore the country.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr. Bheri Ramsarran acknowledged the contributions of the volunteers and expressed hope that it will continue. He also acknowledged that the bond shared by the two countries is ‘strong’.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Education officer, Donna Chapman said the Peace Corps have been a long standing partner of the education ministry. She expressed pleasure that the young volunteers chose to serve the people of Guyana.

The volunteers will spend two years in Guyana.



  1. The US is sending their citizens to give you a hand-up; and you people just insulted the Ambassador. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. and they are starving going to bed hungry at nights while the poor gets poorer and expanding in america and yet they going in other countries to teach how to build communities while amrican reeling from poverty where the homeless expanding. they mission americans comes as spies and nothing else. i tell ya big bag mighty powerhouse america got lots going for it in little tiny guyana. many guyanese are sensing that masa want to install their pnc puppets again to bring guyanese to their knees like those homeless in america .america wicked bad when it comes to little tiny guyana but dare not utter their crap about what russia doing.


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