Unrepresented man accused of attempted murder in High Court remanded


Thirty-three year-old Quincy Henry who is known as “Fix-Up” has denied that he seriously wounded Troy Bacchus called “Fletcher” with intent to murder him on September 20, 2015 at Bourda, Georgetown.

Henry also denied the alternative count which stated that he tried to cause grievous bodily harm or main, disfigure, disable or disarm Bacchus.

As such, a 12-member jury was empaneled to hear the case which was adjourned to Thursday.

Presiding judge Brassington Reynolds gave an unrepresented Henry time to find an attorney.

He was out on $50,000 bail prior to this morning’s empanelment, but he was remanded to prison for the duration of the case. No relative appeared on his behalf today.

According to reports surrounding the case, Henry was in the habit of asking persons for money to purchase items, but would become violent whenever persons refused to give him the money as requested.

In 2017, he had also been charged with robbing a Chinese national of $100,000 while being armed with a knife. This occurred at Orange Walk, Bourda.

Attorney Tiffini Lyken is leading the Prosecution’s case.


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