UK High Commissioner criticizes Health Minister for ‘disgraceful’ comments

Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn
United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn

[] – Newly appointed United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn has described the Health Minister’s ‘slap and strip’ comments towards women’s right activist, Sherlina Nageer as “disgraceful.”

During a meeting with the members of the local press on Friday, April 24 at his home, the High Commissioner was frank in sharing his position on the much talked about outburst between Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Nageer.

The incident took place outside the Whim Magistrates’ court on Monday, April 20 when the Health Minister called the women’s rights activist “a piece of sh#t” and an “idiot” who should get out of his face, after she persistently questioned him about the maternal death rate in Guyana.

Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.
Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran.

“What the Minister of Health said was disgraceful, the language he used or more importantly the sentiment that it is acceptable to use violence and particularly sexual violence against a woman has got no place whatsoever in the 21st century,” Quinn told reporters.

He further noted that if it was in the United Kingdom, Dr Ramsaran would have been asked to resign from government.

“If that had been a UK Minister who had said that, he would no longer be a UK Minister and he would no longer be a member of the political party,” the High Commissioner said.

When asked whether he was disappointed with how government is handling the matter, he responded: “it’s not really for me to comment how the government here or the President or anybody else have said, although I will note that both ex-president Jagdeo, the Prime Ministerial Candidate and various others have made clear their disappointment in what the Minister said.”

Sherlina Nageer during the protest in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews' Photo]
Sherlina Nageer during the protest in front the Ministry of Health. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, the Minister’s tirade against the activist continued even after he issued a public apology when another recording surfaced with him labeling Nageer a “miscreant” and that she was in need of “psychiatric help.”

The most recent diatribe against Nageer reportedly took place at a meeting of Regional Health Officers at the Main Street Plaza, Georgetown on Wednesday, April 22.

Both recordings have since gone viral.



  1. Mr. James Gregory Quinn, I called upon you to speak out against the attack of our daughters that was physically attacked Sunday last by haters. two of them are mothers and one a teenager. Minister Juan Edgil was attacked verbally and you people turn a blind eye. All PNC and PNC supporters need to be fair and balance.
    Vanessa Kissoon was charged by the police, but no women group, youth group, Political activist/commentator, etc condemn her for their heckling, and threats, and intimidating the Minister and other attendees. I say be fair, be fair! Please be FAIR!

  2. The one person who above all others, who should be condemning this outburst from the health Minister has not said one word. The President, not one word from him. but he is asking the Guyanese people to give him one ore term in office as our President, how ironic.This man is a total failure and a disgrace to Guyana and Guyanese

  3. I was telling some of my friends how corrupt guyana is nowhere else in the world can he still be a minister after that. The government there just care more about their families and friends cause he should been thrown out

  4. Now that both the US Ambassador and the UK High Commissioner have spoken on this matter, one would hope that they would move it to the next level by revoking the Minister’s visa as well as visas issued to those preaching racial hatred to serve their own agendas during this election campaign. Otherwise, the words of both gentlemen would truly ring hollow.


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