GCCI nurturing entrepreneurship to push economic growth

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds addressing the AGM.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

President of GCCI Lance Hinds [right] & Executive Member Vishu Dorega. [iNews' Photo]
President of GCCI Lance Hinds [right] & Executive Member Vishu Dorega. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) on Thursday, April 23 held its 125th annual general meeting where its 2014/15 undertakings were highlighted.

President of the GCCI, Lance Hinds giving an overview of the Chamber’s work, noted that much emphasis was placed on entrepreneurship, since they believe it can foster the growth and development in a much faster manner.  

“One of the highlights of the year was an entrepreneurship seminar we conducted in partnership with Scotia bank; the idea was to introduce the concept and benefit of entrepreneurship, its potential for contribution to the nation and overview and preparation and level of efforts required to become successful entrepreneurs.”

Hinds added that the GCCI is heading in a direction of remaining sustainable and relevant in this age of technological change and adaptation.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds addressing the AGM.
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds addressing the AGM.

“It was clear to us that the success of the chamber was closely tied to the performance and growth of the private sector and the economy in general.”

He noted that there is need for additional systems to be implemented to drive economic growth and improve the standard of living for all Guyanese.

He stressed that it is pivotal that international investors are made comfortable so as to favor additional investments in the country. The chamber’s membership continues to grow which is testimony of its impact in the local private business sector.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who delivered the feature address said he, “wished there were much greater development, there could have been much greater.”

He added that under the PPP Government Guyanese have seen significant development in a number of critical sectors including housing.

The GCCI is the oldest private sector representative organization in Guyana, established in 1890 and is a member driven and professionally staffed non-profit association of business people committed to improving the economic climate and quality of life Guyana.

The GCCI’s mission is to represent the voice of the business community in Guyana and strives to advocate policies, stimulate trade and investment, connect businesses, sustain economic growth and expand member opportunities with the aim of contribution to a stable and sustainable economic and social environment in Guyana where businesses can proper.



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