Travelspan plans to expand with scheduled flights



By Tracey Khan – Drakes


President of TravelSpan, Nohar Singh
President of Travelspan, Nohar Singh

[] – Travelspan will be expanding its operations soon to offer scheduled flights, instead of chartered flights. The airline partnered with Vision Airlines and is operating its 767 aircraft.

President of Travelspan, Nohar Singh said, “We are currently now with Vision [Airlines] partnering up with Vision to move to scheduled service.”

He also said the company has an expansion model that they are looking at for airports but did not divulge much more. He said that the Company sees itself as a mega carrier

“Aviation business is very much a catalyst for a country’s economy. There must be a middle ground, you cannot have a stable environment in service and then you have a carrier that just comes and tries to take a shot at it”.

Singh also noted that that once persons are stranded and there is a loss in the market, it will discourage people from coming to Guyana. He stressed that competition is productive, however, there must be a level playing field.

He explained the airline’s recent challenge which resulted in its aircraft returning to the John F. Kennedy International Airport after over two hours into the flight.

“We had a storm, the Airport was shut down for 40 minutes and we had hundreds of aircraft backed up then once we took off, after we finally got the aircraft off the ground within 20-40 minutes into the flight our camp declared an emergency, we had a mechanical….no one was injured and Vision had another 767 on ground”.

He said he is satisfied since the recovery was made within 24 hours.travelspan

TravelSpan and Vision Airlines were granted permission by the US Department of Transportation and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to operate a non-stop service between the New York and Georgetown Route earlier this year.

TravelSpan is no stranger to Guyana and is a leader in the Caribbean travel industry. They have served these markets for decades and now recognize the need for a new carrier to operate.




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