PPP is plagued by an epidemic of public protests – APNU

Some of the protestors in front of the Parliament building this afternoon.


By Kurt Campbell

Unpaid/disgruntled Rice farmers burning on the Essequibo Coast recently.
Unpaid/disgruntled Rice farmers burning on the Essequibo Coast recently.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration has been plagued by an epidemic of public protests since President Donald Ramotar took office following the 2011 general elections, so said Leader of the Opposition David Granger.

According to Granger, “the frequency, intensity and variety of these protests indicate that there is simmering but sustained dissatisfaction with the performance of the PPP/C administration about several issues and in many different places.”

He said among those problems are: Amerindian land problems; agriculture sector problems; public policy problems; infrastructure problems; public education problems and security problems.

“Public protests are becoming the only means of attracting the PPP/C Administration’s attention to public problems. Protests also suggest that the PPP/C will continue to ignore complaints from local communities until public embarrassment forces it to act,” Granger contends.

Meanwhile, APNU’s Parliamentarian Ronald Bulkan also added his voice to the issue, saying that the public protests have become too myriad and varied. He said what is particular sad is the PPP’s response.

“Recalled it was former PPP Member and Speaker Ralph Ramkarran that had urged the PPP to listen to the pleas of the people but the PPP has been deaf and it’s a shame and disgrace,” Bulkan stated.

Meanwhile, when questioned on the ilk and frequency of protest on the PNC rule, Granger reasoned that it would not be fruitful to compare the two periods since they are unique in their own right.

“To compare the two would be misleading because the challenges then were unique, it was a different historical period but the PNC was sincere to addressing the needs of the people,” he said, adding that “the PPP has an uncaring attitude for ordinary citizens.”

Granger did admit that there was widespread protest under the PNC rule attributing it largely to the oil shocks and the international debt crisis which Guyana suffered from.



  1. ppp does do things upside down sometimes: they allow squatting n illegal vending to get out of hand and then whey they try to remove those ..protest..millers not paying farmers..protest..cane cutters not being paid but to bass in gysuco beind paid fat salaries gets theirs..protest..people having heavy duty vehicles on roads that are not built for these weights..they bruck om up in no time then..protest..
    ppp tried to get freeloading lindeners to pay same as what others pay for electricity..protest..ppp hiring criminals to be police then when they get their uniform their badge it comes with tremendous powers they settle scores with their enemies by burning them shooting them torturing them..protest..if pnc dont get their way wrong or right..protest..if ppp had the guts the belly the balls to wipe up freeloading squatters..illegal vending especially on the road ways..ban pit bull dogs..remove rum shops and discos to industrial areas..haul out the boom boom for all vehicles..go after police who takes bribes so residents can play music as loud as they like at any hour the feels disturbing many others..go after those who sells drivers license who are killing many innocent citizens on our roads..clean up the terrible mess in the judiciary where well known killers walk free..charge political criminal lawyers and bring them to tiral and jail them once found guilty of tamering with crime scene and tampering with the judicial system in the jury system..ppp must abolish the jury system since many people sit on jury are kit n kin with criminals..there is lots for ppp to do but apparently ppp are afraid of more..protest..


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