Three years jail for carjacker

Keron Cummings


Keron Cummings
Keron Cummings

[] – Keron Cummings was today sentenced to three years imprisonment on two robberies underarm charges. The sentence term will run concurrently, after the 24 – year -old pleaded guilty.

The Court heard that on March 10, he approached taxi driver Colin Williams at the Stabroek Market Park and requested to be taken to Guyhoc Park.

Cummings brandished a gun and demanded the man’s valuables. He managed to relieve Williams of $3.1M in items, including his $2M car.

The Court also heard that on March 5 at Diamond Housing Scheme, taxi driver Lionel Seenarine was reportedly approached by Cummings to be taken to Durban Backlands, in the city. Upon arrival at the destination, the accused pointed a gun to his head and escaped with the man’s car.

Before handing down the sentence, the Chief Magistrate took into consideration the seriousness of the offence, his guilty plea and saving the court’s time.





  1. its a joke….its the law that encourages them to do what they do..its the law that encourages them to drive terror and fear into citizens who will flee guyana under the watchful eyes of pppc …two armed robberies? and three years…one car jacking..but hey nothing on the gun…maybe he has a gun license like Kevin Fields.


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