IAC urges serious and constructive discourse on new governance initiatives



censusThe Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) notes the commentaries and opinions expressed regarding its press release dated July 3rd, 2014 titled “IAC Calls for Paradigm Shift in Light of Population Decrease”.

The IAC wishes to reiterate a few salient points:

  • The IAC is not affiliated to any political party nor is it promoting “supremacy” of any ethnic group;
  • The IAC, throughout its decade-long existence, has been promoting and protecting the culture of and address other related matters of concerns to the Indo-Guyanesecommunity;
  • The IAC has worked and will continue to work with organizations representing other ethnic groups with the aim of promoting respect, tolerance and national unity when is required in a diverse society such as Guyana.

The IAC calls for a review of national governance initiatives in light of demographic shifts must be seen as part of our objective contribution to the long term stability and unity of our country.

The organisation welcomes constructive and vehement free debate on governance and related subjects.

The IAC has already reached out to a number of academics, social activists, and political minds, in and out of Guyana with the aim of developing a programme of discussion on its suggestion for an urgent review of Governance initiatives.

The time has come for serious and genuine discourse on matters that willensure the building of a stronger and more cohesive society so that all Guyanese can enjoy and those fully in the peace, security and wealth as similarly structured societies have demonstrated.




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