“There is no raping of our forest” – President says on Bai Shan Lin debacle

President Donald Ramotar.


By Fareeza Haniff

President Donald Ramotar at the press conference today, Friday, August 15.
President Donald Ramotar at the press conference today, Friday, August 15.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar is of the view that there is an orchestrated attack on investments in Guyana, as he criticized sections of the media for taking an “opposition stance” as it relates to the recent revelations about the operations of Chinese Company, Bai Shan Lin.

The Chinese Company has been in the spotlight as of recent relating to its logging activities in Guyana.

At a press conference on Friday, August 15, the Head of State made it clear that the Chinese Company is operating within Guyana’s laws and is not logging more than its limit.

“There is no raping of our forest. The export of logs is below the limit…not a single law has been broken,” President Ramotar told reporters at Office of the President.

Meanwhile, the President pointed out that there is a constant attack on Chinese investments in Guyana, which he noted are all aimed at hurting the country’s economy.

“It is a total anti – national position. We need investments to develop our country and Chinese investments are important to Guyana. I am very shocked at this vicious attack by the media,” the President said.

A document provided by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) shows that the total Log Production for Guyana in 2013 was 304,000m3; total log export in 2013 was 76,600m3.

This represents 25.2% of log production.

According to the GFC, Bai Shan Lin has been awarded two State Forest Exploratory Permit to a total of 344,849ha following a public advertisement process and compliance with the relevant legal requirements.

One of such requirements requires the holders of State Forest Exploratory Permits to engage in limited commercial harvesting to allow for maximum of 25% recoupment of exploratory cost.

The document revealed that to date only 1,778m3 of logs were exported over the period January 2013 to June 2014. It was noted that this is a very small percentage of the 25% allowance given to the company based on the Forest Act.

Additionally, Bai Shan Lin has entered in 4 Joint Venture arrangements with the following local companies:

  • Haimorakabra Logging Company
  • Kwabanna Wood Products Inc.
  • Puruni Wood Products Ltd.
  • Wood Associated Industries Company Ltd (WAICO)

The Laws of Guyana allows for the formation of commercial relationships in the form of Partnerships, Joint Ventures, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

All Export of Logs by Bai Shan Lin are subject to the National Log Export Policy, the GFC noted.

Guyana’s National Log Export Policy does not prevent the exportation of logs but established the framework within logs can be exported from Guyana. The forest sector has in place a graduated scale of export commission computed on the free on board export price for logs.




  1. We need to LYNCH some of these selected ministers that are ruining the beloved Guyana , for their own gains. They ignore the cry’s of the people that they were selected to do their duties with fairness and without prejudice. kill so of these MFs.

  2. It would be great to implement a replanting program into this agreement. And make sure all Guyanese that is being employed received just and livable wages.

  3. If investment is to benefit Guyana there must be transparency an employment ratio and strict over site. We cannot sit back and allow foreign countries to come in and reap all the benefits of our dear land YES THIS IS RAPE LAWLESS RAPE with only those involved pockets being lined and the Guyanese people F_ _ _ed.

  4. Emile_Mervin other than taking orders from Burnham what does Granger really really know? I going Marriott….———-You going Peg? If U know whats Corbin Pension package —–law it out here lets see. .

  5. What does Ramotar know? He has to wait for his cue cards from his boss to speak. He defends the Chinese as investors, completely ignoring the fact that the Chinese are actually the biggest beneficiaries of all deals struck.

    Guess what Ramotar said when told the Guyanese taxpayer-funded Marriott was being built by all-Chinese labor?

    This guy is a seat-warmer who is not looking out for Guyana or Guyanese, but looking out for his pension and his boss’ financial agenda!


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