The “dirty list”: Jagdeo says “APNU/AFC already making excuses for failure”


By Jomo Paul

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger

[] – Former President Bharat Jagdeo says recent concerns raised by the A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition about the list of electors is a façade, noting that it is an excuse should the coalition lose the elections come May 11.

This is despite APNU/AFC coalition saying it will proceed with the Guyana Elections Commission’s list of voters for elections, despite the fact that its Presidential Candidate, David Granger raised some concerns about the list being “dirty” and padded.

It must be noted that the issue of the list of electors being bloated has arisen before and GECOM in response to previous concerns had noted that it is illegal for the Body to take off names of persons from the National List of Electors without proper documentation from the General Registrar’s Office (GRO) which falls under the auspices of Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

Jagdeo at a press conference on Saturday, March 28 said that Granger is “divorced from reality” and would need to get himself sorted as he pointed out some flaws in the policies of the APNU/AFC Presidential Candidate.

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

As it relates to the “dirty list”, Jagdeo said “clearly every right thinking Guyanese must be saying ‘what is wrong with Granger? You have had so many years and so many cycles of continuous registration to do so…there were claims and objections…you didn’t challenge the integrity of the list. So why are you doing it now?”

Jagdeo believes the coalition has an inkling that it might lose the elections and hence has begun to strategize a possible excuse in that regard.

“The motive is fear. Fear of losing…and trying to make excuses already for that failure,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo lashed out at the coalition’s Prime Ministerial Candidate, Moses Nagamootoo who has been very vocal about the tenure of the Former President and his accumulated wealth.

Jagdeo said that he finds it very hard to respond to the ad hominem attacks against him by Nagamootoo, noting that he would rather respond to policies.

Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU+AFC, Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU+AFC, Moses Nagamootoo

“He [Nagamootoo] does not deal with polices…he makes good rah rah speeches – nice speeches…I find it very hard to deal with somebody who doesn’t deal with principle…he loves to make these meaningless rah rah speeches,” Jagdeo said in reprimanding Nagamootoo.

He accused the former PPP politician of being power hungry saying that his lust for power is what led him to leave the PPP several years ago.

“He still needs to explain to people his lack of principle – the lust for power…he left the PPP only after losing the bid to be our Presidential candidate. He wanted to be President at any costs….it is a power lust,” the Former President underscored, later adding that Nagamootoo is a “rabble rouser.”



  1. Every day you go about your business you hear comments like “when we get in govament, alyuh coolie people guh know alyuh place.” the leadersof the opposition must at this time speak out against this since they cannot win these elections without East Indian support. Is’nt that why Moses is there?

  2. the media is afraid to ask the tough questions…the media should ask nagamoottoo if he will accept defeat if the election results says ppp won…will nagamoottoo stop pnc from taking to the streets after election results are not in favor of pnc..or will nagamoottoo remain silent again on how he remained silent when indians were beaten robbed and sexually molested on agricola public road..will nagamoottoo condone another linden atrocity…

  3. Granger, and his power hungry team met with Gecom and said to Gecom, ” we’re pleased with everything” The corrupt PNC did not tell Dr. Steve Surujballi, that the list is/was dirty. Guyanese now know that majority of Gecom employees are very lenient to the PNC and their youth stooges. “Ramjattan said Granger is dead meat”
    Over, and over the AFC said they will never join the PNC, and now the AFC has proven to be deceitful, wicked, lying, misleading, and corrupt. I believe Trotman love up and seduced Ramjattan in bed and Ramjattan sold his dead soul during his/her fifteen minutes pleasure. Why did Granger said that he the PNC cannot trust Nagamootoo the Nimakaram (ungrateful)? It was the snake who said he would never be a “NIMAKARAM” What happened now? Can we really trust the PNC/AFC?
    Should we trust the PNC/AFC?
    The PNC/AFC must never be trusted!!!!!

  4. If Mr Granger feels that the list is dirty.
    He will have no problem bringing the ‘ghosts’ voters out.
    It is no secret that any file secret or not from any institution
    miraculously will find its way out.
    I have no doubt these are opposition operatives.
    They seemed to be in every critical position(s) in the civil service.
    They disclose personal information.
    And to think at the idea that they may be breaking the law??
    Disclosing medical files is illegal, yet we see files ending up in News papers.
    People need to go to jail to send the message.


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