Ministries would be “rationalized” under APNU/AFC gov’t – Nigel Hughes

AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes

By Jomo Paul

Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes
Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes

[] – After concerns were expressed about the reported planned “closure” of some Government Ministries, should A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) coalition take power after the May 11 polls, AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes has disclosed that this is not entirely the case.

Hughes, who appeared on Hard Talk aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday March 29, revealed that what the coalition is planning is to actually “rationalize” the amount of ministries under APNU+AFC government.

According to Hughes, while the amount of Ministries would be reduced, the responsibility for the sector would fall under the auspices of another Ministry.

“It doesn’t mean that the Natural Resources as an issue doesn’t get dealt with. It is just that you are rationalizing it. So when people say closing and reducing the amount of Ministries…what we are trying to do is get the most efficient operations at government level,” Hughes remarked.

Using the example of the Local Government and Regional Development Ministry, Hughes pointed out that Guyana does not need a Local Government Minister if there is a functioning local government organ.

“You don’t need a Minister, this is not a matter for central government to run the affairs of any community…why are you going to have a political appointee running around telling people what to do,” the AFC Chairman explained.

He said that rationalizing does not mean that the persons who are employed under those Ministries will lose their jobs.

“If in the rational review of that Ministry’s operation there is nothing for them to do, I am not sure you can just keep employing people just for the sake of providing jobs,” Hughes said.



  1. Hughes, You and your wife have proven to the world already that the Hughes are suffering from “get rich quick syndrome” Yes you and your wife are money hackers.
    Hughes you need to tell the world about Agricola!!! Tell Guyana about your criminals friends. Tell us about Greenidge and the four million dollars. We have proof!!!
    PPP don’t make empty and false accusation. We have a lot of proofs.
    Hey Hughes, one of your mad AFC executive member Charrandas Persaud took eight years to do a four years program at UG. and never pay back a cent of the student loan and is cussing the Government everyday. “NIMAKARAN”

  2. hughes bs answer to the tape removal at the buxton gas station murder is a load of bs..forget about what u will do when u come to power..lets talk about what u did to makw agricola public road atrocity happen..tell us who beat who..tell us who robbed who..tell us us sexually molest who..nagamoottoo // ramjattan // ramkarran /// fred kissoon all remained silent…they know why they remained silent…they know pnc does deal with walkie talkie once u know too much.

  3. Mr Hughes:

    These are proven norms, ratiionalize or nationalize, whatever!
    B.S baffle brains.

    Only a PNC Government can kill a very successful rice Industry and run sugar down the ground.

    You probably have a ‘few thousands’ politicians and job seekers in some way attaches itself to the coalition.
    Will they work for free?

    Stop bluffing Sir.
    Besides, you have a forty percent say.
    You Sir, cannot guaranty anything.
    You Sir will be at the mercy of 60 percent APNU.


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