Consultants recommend reform of Mining Laws and Regulations

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mining[] – Consultants have recommended that there be a reform of the existing mining laws and regulations enforced by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) as a solution to some pertinent issues in the mining sector.

According to a press statement from the GGMC, as a result of numerous reports against the Commission, coupled with the recommendations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, the Board of Directors conducted a review of the Management Systems and practices for critical departments/divisions of the Commission.

The press statement pointed out that the exercise commenced in December 2014 and was aimed at reviewing the operations of the Mines Division, Land Management and Geological Services Divisions of the Commission to determine the coherence of the structures and functions, the adequacy of its staffing, the flow of its operations and to identify systemic problems and other conflicts and deficiencies.

The team of consultants was also required to investigate whether the activities of the specific departments/divisions were aligned to the overall strategic plan for the sector.

“The Inception Report was submitted by the review team to the Chairman of the Board of Directors in February 2015 at which point it was then forwarded to the Board for review. The report provided insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the various departments along with areas of conflict that required specific interventions at the level of the policy makers,” the statement noted.

One ofthe critical recommendations made by the consultants for the consideration of the Commission would see the “Reformation of the Mining Laws and Regulations to address “landlordism” and “beneficial-occupancy” as well as the allocation of expired/relinquished PLS and the upgrading of small scale properties to large scale properties.”

Another speaks to the restructuring of the Divisions of the Commission to ensure that similar functions are not done by various divisions – overlapping of functions such as mineral titling.

“The work of the consultants are ongoing and will continue with the objective of streamlining the Commission into a more efficient organization better equipped and designed to serve the needs of the mining sector by creating the enabling environment to support its continued growth and development,” the release stated.



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