State Media workers begin one month training



By Leroy Smith

State Media Workshop[] – Just over sixty members of the state media – Guyana Chronicle Newspaper, National Communications Network Inc. and the Government Information News Agency – gathered yesterday morning [Monday, September 22] at the opening of a one month “State Media Training Programme” organized by the Office of the President.

Over the next six weeks, the workshop will focus on the broader objective of improving the technical and professional levels of journalists including the review of fundamentals of English usage in journalism, effective approach to research and writing news features, developing greater competence in the art of writing for print, radio and TV, competence in composing and presenting radio and TV news, improving interview techniques for recorded and live programmes for radio, TV and Print and developing a better understanding of legal and ethical issues relating to media presentation among other issues.

The participants of the workshop were addressed by Acting President Samuel Hinds, Press and Publicity of the Office of the President, Kwame McCoy and the heads of the three agencies – Michael Gordon, Molly Hassan and Neaz Subhan.

The training will be facilitated by Dr. Rovin Deodat, Rashid Osman, Ron Robinson, Mark McGowan, Dr. Prem Misir, Shanta Gobardhan and Michella Abrahams – Ali.




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