Some $100M spent from Rural Fund but no supporting documents found

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

By Fareeza Haniff

The-Stabroek-Market-In-Georgetown-Guyana-651x439[] – The APNU+AFC government has decided to pause some projects which fall under the Rural Development Fund (RDF) after it was discovered that millions of dollars were spent on certain buildings and not documented.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon told a post cabinet media briefing that the RDF, which was approved in the 2014 budget, was managed by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce into which $1B was placed.

This fund was meant to create employment in rural communities and thus far, it was discovered that works were done at Wakenaam, Leguan, Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo and Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

Wakenaam and Leguan would have seen the establishment of a Plantain Chip Factory, while Enmore and Tuschen were earmarked for call centers. According to Harmon, as of June 30, over $20M had been spent on the building at Wakenaam and there was a further $33.6M still to be spent on it. Additionally, some $24M was invested in Leguan.

“What was most important was that the Minister of Business…looking for proposals and documents of these projects but of course, he could find none. So Cabinet decided that the Minister of Business, assisted by various agencies such as the Guyana Marketing Corporation, the Ministry of Agriculture and other elements within the Ministry of Business, that they conduct a very serious review of the monies spent under this project.”

He revealed that so far, close $100M had been spent and therefore government will now have to review the way in which the money was spent, following which a decision will be taken as to whether the projects will be completed.

The review will also include the input of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan regarding the purpose of the fund and its actual feasibility in terms of profitability and employment.



  1. It is so disgusting every time you read the news, these ministers only talking corruption and them not doing anything . All them permanent secretaries should already be fired, because they are the accounting for the ministries.

  2. Heard he, Jagdeo and a few were the biggest crooks in the PPP government. Jagdeo is now opposition leader, he getting more money.

  3. And the “thief” returns to Parliament. Confront his arse and ask him to produce the documents for all buildings built during his and Ramotar’s reign. S.O.B. is a criminal, people watch your backs. Although he doesn’t have Roger Khan to go around killing off people, he can’t be trusted.

  4. Harmon, you’ll have to excuse me for believing that you are just making up stories as you go along. Why not jail the culprits as you promised? Come on man, stop casting aspersions if you haven’t found anything to support your campaign plank of fighting corruption .

  5. Get the thieves. It is OUR monies they were stealing over the years – WE the hard-working Tax payers. Arrest and charge those who are responsible. STOP bothering about those who say that it is “witch hunting”. We the people have been suffering with a very low standard of living because of these High level criminals and thieves. We had to endure a poor quality of life for almost two decades. Think of all the city flooding which were so unnecessary. Even the business houses suffered, having to build up pavements in front of their business places – placing sand bags in front of their stores as soon as the rain sets up. The city looking like a fifth class village with drains all blocked up and tall grass grownig all over the place.

  6. Mr Minister APNU/AFC campaigned on finding these discrepancies and holding the crooks accountable/ bringing them to justice. However so far that has not happened. The people are being made aware of these mis-spent monies but so far no one is being held accountable. K News today alluded to this. This much needed new government was elected to clean up the mess and bring the perps to justice. Please let’s get on with it. There’s no question the public’s money was spent like there was no tomorrow those responsible must be made to pay.


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