Recall of Venezuelan Ambassador is a display of anger – Pres. Granger

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro

By Leroy Smith

President of Guyana, David Granger
President of Guyana, David Granger

[] – President David Granger says the move by Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro to recall its Ambassador to Guyana was a display of anger.

The President made the comments after being grilled by journalists on the latest development by the Venezuelan government to replace one decree with another and the subsequent recalling of its ambassador for “consultations” amid an escalating row over oil exploration in Guyana’s Stabroek Bloc.

“I would not attach too much significance to it, it is a display of anger on the part of the Venezuelan Government,” President Granger said, while noting that the move was also a normal diplomatic technique.

The President said that Guyana is more concerned about the peaceful resolution of the matter since this country is not interested in further attacks or heightening the level of the tension on the border controversy.

The Guyanese leader reaffirmed his earlier position that the decree by the Venezuelan leader is a backward step and Guyana has no intentions of retaliating.

“We would like to call on him [Maduro] to revoke the decree completely and entirely and we would like to have a normal diplomatic relationship with Venezuela,” President Granger proposed.

He said based on his information, the Venezuelan Ambassador has not yet departed Guyana, which means there is still the possibility for talks to continue on the issue rather than for there to be compete silence and suspicion.

Guyana has been able to successfully lobby CARICOM to denounce the decree by the Venezuelan government as their claims not only affects Guyana but other Caribbean nations as well.



  1. Venezuela is a big bully. The whole world knows the territory belongs to Guyana. There is no need for any military confrontation. Maduro will eventually have to sit down and shut up and stop barking up the wrong tree.

  2. Shaun needs to be reminded that it is the President Maduro who was out of place by issuing his decree. Our President was simply representing Guyana’s interest.

  3. yeah it is thats because you are going the Caribbean make a fool of the man and making all sort of comments , then come and talk about diplomacy


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