Gov’t to embark on gun amnesty

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By Leroy Smith

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

[] – Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has announced that Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud should be in a position by Friday, July 10 to provide the government with a draft of the operational plan for the soon to be embarked upon gun amnesty.

According to the minister, during the high level security meeting with President David Granger on Tuesday last, the administration got a better understanding of what needs to be done to encourage persons to come forward with their illegal guns.

The media was told that the amnesty operational aspects are being worked out and according to the minister, based on feedback from the Guyana Police Force, members of the public do not want policemen to be the ones receiving the weapons and ammunition.Gun Amnesty

That has now forced the government to explore the option of having a civic or independent organization, such as a church to spearhead the process and receive the illegal weapons.

That operational manual of the gun amnesty period will address the issues of where the guns and ammunition would be delivered, who should accept it and how long the amnesty would last for.

Meanwhile, as it relates to the enforcement of the 2:00hrs close off time for bars and nightclub, Minister Ramjattan explained that the decision is just one of the many steps being taken to confront the issue of crime.




  1. Hey ‘shitmouthwannabegangster’ it’s that same attitude that makes a country suffer…..its time to ameliorate our crime situation….not to incite stupidity with comments like yours!!! It’s one nation….many people….now we need a destiny!!!

  2. Great suggestion. Many churches in New York including mine runs this program called “Gun Buyback” people drop off a gun and gets cash or Visa Card. sometimes its $100US or more per gun. No questions ask..

  3. A relative of mine who is a lecense fire-arm holder once shot himself in the foot. True-true story. Get all firearms off the streets. Dig up all those fire-arms buried here there and almost everywhere over the past forty years. Give amnesty to the present holder of illegal fire-arms. Then after all that is completed, give THIRTY Year prison sentences to any one convicted for possession of an lillegal fire-arm.

  4. What about establishing a REWARD PROGRAM in conjunction with the business community let them get up off that money. Make it attractive enough so that members of the public would provide info while having their privacy protected.

  5. Would there be systems in place to have the guns go through forensic tests to find if they have been used in murder, execution style or otherwise? Would those who surrendered their illegal guns be subjected to surveillance in the future? Would any incentives be paid to encourage those who have illegal guns and ammunition to hand them in?
    Seems the some people know who have the guns and how they got them!!

  6. Hay ballotboxgangster it’s time we stop being negative and work together together to build a better Guyana. Maybe you r one of them who r sending people around and is responsible for a lot of these robbery that’s going on around the country. U don’t want the country as an whole to move forward u just only want it for an handful of u. It’s time for u to wake up and move our country forward.

  7. I think the amnesty is a very good idea it should not only b for guns but it should also b for knives also. I think the best idea is to get some metal boxes where and bolt it to somewhere it cannot b easily b moved because even if it is given to the church to do someone might try to attack those church people who want to help.
    I think it’s a very good idea to have closing time for the night clubs as most of the Guyanese musicians don’t have ant respect for people living around and people have many sleepless nights it’s awful they have no respect for people around them.

  8. I hope the guns given to the PNC under Corbin at the Ministry of National Development shows up ! Or is it a surreptitious way of bring it back into official circulation now that they back in power ? What about the guns the WPA was accumulating to overthrow the very PNC ? Hope they show up too…


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