Social media playing critical role in elections campaign– iNews poll


social_media[] – A recently conducted poll shows that an overwhelming majority of iNews viewers think that social media is playing an integral role in the 2015 elections campaign by political parties.

The results of the poll, conducted by iNews, indicates that 61% of the respondents regarded social media as playing an important role while 36% did not think that it did; three percent were undecided.

The Facebook page of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) boasts some 24,359 followers with 2,245 new likes in the last week alone.

Meanwhile, the Facebook pages for President Donald Ramotar and PPP/C Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper boast a combined total of over 30,000.

On the other side of the isle, the Facebook page of the APNU+AFC boasts some 16,804 likes. Brigadier David Granger – APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate has over 17,000 followers on his Facebook page while Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo has a following of 8,000+.

According to Facebook, there are some 110,000 persons on its social media site that reside in Guyana and are between the ages of 18- 65.



  1. de social media…like the international observers could only see part of the election process..the major part of the election process they are not allowed to see..this is why social media and all media houses must call for transparency for the entire election process…cameras must be installed at all polling stations..electronic voting at all polling stations..counting and tabulating and all that crap they have to do must be done in transparency..u bet your life on it..if gecom decides to open those ballot boxes for —-recount of all votes—the social media the international observers the a b c eu ambassadors will know what took place at gecom..they all will see the real will of the people but it appears they cant go back on their words since their credibility will be put to the test around the world.
    so i will say this is a done deal and a forgone conclusion until next 4 years..


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