Janet Jagan’s letter on Joey Jagan’s credibility surfaces

Dr Joey Jagan
The late former President, Janet Jagan
The late former President, Janet Jagan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A letter, purportedly written by the late former President, Janet Jagan, has appeared in local newspapers today as a full page advertisement, attacking the credibility of her son, Dr Joey Jagan.

The advert states that just before Janet Jagan died, she asked her “close associate” to release the letter to show the public how her son “disrespected and betrayed his parents and PPP/C even when they were alive.”

The letter surfaced two days after the younger Jagan officially announced his endorsement of the APNU+AFC Coalition, citing that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has moved away from the ideals of his father and founder of the PPP, former President, Dr Cheddi Jagan.

The letter, allegedly written by Janet Jagan,
The letter allegedly written by Janet Jagan,

The letter details Mrs Jagan’s suspicion that Cheddi ‘Joey’ Jagan Jr had intentions to do things contrary to the Party and his parents, citing instances of his supposed anti PPP activities, such as engaging in protests.

According to the letter allegedly written by Mrs Jagan, her son is not to be trusted since he lied that former President, L.F.S Burnham was his Godfather.

“Our policy towards him must be in the early stages, to expose his lies, which will undermine his credibility as he did re to claim to have Burnham as his Godfather. We also have to stress that his mother is one of the ‘gang of eight’. And we cannot forget how he humiliated Cheddi when he squatted at the Electricity Corporation in 1995 or 6.”

Dr Joey Jagan
Dr Joey Jagan

The letter lamented Joey Jagan’s behaviour and treatment to his parents. The younger Jagan could not be reached for a comment on the letter. At a press conference on Monday, May 04, Jagan stated that he believes in shared governance, adding that it is time the Guyanese people vote for change.

In explaining his reason for throwing his support behind the coalition, he noted that during the 2011 elections, the PPP/C approached him to assist the Party along the campaign trail.

He agreed given the fact that a number of promises were made to him by the Party to better the lives of the Guyanese people; however according to him, the Party never lived up to those promises.

“I was used and discarded by the Party,” he stated.



  1. Joey is behaving like a lost puppy. Looks like he takes after his “godfather” too. He betrayed his father just as his “godfather” Burnham did.

  2. It was Joey`s democratic right,to protest the GPL,for whatever reason.because he and he alone knew why he did so,and that was a peaceful protest anyway.You puppets who cannot think for yourselves,are doomed.You shall remain puppets all the days of your lives,if you don`t WAKE UP,FROM YOUR DEEP SLUMBER.

  3. Even if, the letter purportedly written by Janet Jagan is true,concerning the credibility of Joey Jagan,and I still believe,that he should be allowed to represent himself.The PPP/C of all parties,should not rejoice,because they themselves do not have any credibility,with their lack of transparency,It is the most corrupt in the history of GUYANA.DO NOT REJOICE,TIME WILL TELL.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  4. President Cheddi Jagan was disappointed in Joey Jagan for the third time when he (Joey) went and lie down in front of GPL head office and was rolling on the public road in protest against the GPL and the PPP government while his father Cheddi Jagan was President.
    President Janet Jagan and President Cheddi Jagan was always embarrass by Joey’s bad choice.
    Can Guyanese remember how this “REBEL” Joey was in the street picketing the Government Institutions while his father Cheddi was the President of Guyana?
    Joey has disqualified himself morally to speak of the PPP!!!!
    Joey is not a PPP and cannot be a PPP.
    Joey is a PNC.
    People thinks Joey was a liability to his parents.
    The PPP are better off without that Egotistical big mouth.
    Long live PPP! Long live President Ramotar! Long live Guyana’s Champion!

  5. Joey, is a man we don’t have to get any letter to prove, if He has some thing to say He would say it with out looking back,why now we hearing about letter? The ppp, need to do the right thing and stop all the lies.

  6. Who cares about letters? There is no time to look back it’s time to the furture, our kids are Hungary every day and the ppp, doing nothing about it.

  7. The ppp, is not the ppp I know when I was a child, people like you and the others who don’t know any thing about politic have it how it is right now, just looking to get rich and don’t care about there supporters, So u can talk about Joey,He is a man and He act like one,So he’ll with you, vote apnuafc.all the way.

  8. Very suspicious and convenient that soon after Nadira Jagan endorses the PPP after months of talking out against them, this letter arises. Clearly Nadira was the person holding this letter. Shows the type of people that Nadira and those in the PPP are. This letter essentially is meaningless – we all know Joey has spoken out against the PPP even when his father was the President and we all know of the honorable act of Joey laying down in front of then GEC for their substandard provision of electrical services to the Guyanese people. The PPP must be very intimidated by Joey and his endorsement of The Coalition. The PPP has now resorted to clutching at straws. Sad, but very typical for a party of simpletons and half wits.

  9. Just so you all know Joey was an Iinsult to the Jagans since he started talking. No letter was needed to convince anyone. He has humiliated his family every time he opened his mouth. PPP isn’t running scared because they always have the majority behind them. They are just trying to expose the Rebel for who he really is. Like I said, no letter was needed for the people with common sense who follow politics. VOTE PPP ALL THE WAY!!!

  10. I don’t like the tenement yard politics our politicians are playing this is not the time for names callings the guyanese people wants to know witch government has a better living standard for the nation

  11. Dr. Jagan, Please defend youself. This looks like a frame up. Someone is really scared of your influence in the Coalition.

  12. Where was this letter in 2011 when Joey was campaigning for the PPP. Can’t you see, these people are shameless? And assuming that this letter is genuine, who cares? Why criticize your own son for having a mind of his own. Do you expect him to condone everything you do just because you are his parent. Do you expect him to condone everything the PPP does just because it is his parents’ party? It just proves that Joey has a mind of his own. Guyana needs more people like him.

  13. I am not surprise at this allegation with a letter tabled in social media after Joey has endorsed Apnu AFC ….. Once you are not in support of the PPP they have negative comments publish publicly about. They believe everyone should support them (PPP) or else you will face with reports such as this.They are running sacred who to be blamed but themselves.

  14. What evidence is there that this later was written and signed by the late president Janet Japan . I am not fully convinced…it has a deep political motive. why is it that this letter only surface now?

  15. This is very low reminds me when they put Burnham sister against him. She later apologized about it.

  16. Ppp are so desperate I would’ve prove myself wrong if they didn’t find something about Joey jagan but they gone 2 far now


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