Six successful Cornea Transplants completed at Balwant Singh Hospital   

Balwant Singh hospital

By Kurt Campbell         


Administrator Madhu Singh (R) and Dr. Neeraj Jain (L)
Administrator Madhu Singh (R) and Dr. Neeraj Jain (L)

[] – Over the last week, local health provider –Balwant Singh Hospital – completed its first six cornea transplant surgeries.

The surgeries which were done on July 26 and 27 are said to be successful and all patients [5 males, 1 female] are recovering satisfactorily. Prior to the surgery, they were waiting to go overseas for the transplants that would have also been costly.

Balwant Singh is offering the surgery, which was done a few months ago at the Georgetown Public Hospital, for prices ranging between $400,000 – $600,000.

Administrator of the Hospital, Madhu Singh at a press conference today [Saturday, August 02], explained that several persons are faced with both financial and visa constraints and as such it was convenient for them to do it here.

“We are always on the lead,” she boasted.

All corneas were obtained from eye banks in the United States of America. However, Singh believes awareness needs to be created amongst Guyanese about cornea donation.

“We request that all Guyanese pledge their eyes for donation.”

She told reporters that steps are being taken to set up Guyana’s first eye bank even as she observes the absence of legislation to allow for the donating of eyes.

Balwant Singh hospital
Balwant Singh hospital

Meanwhile, Dr. Neeraj Jain explained that there is a list of about 25 persons waiting to undergo the surgery which sees the replacement of superficial layer of the eye or the replacement of the entire eye.

He said the hospital is working on widening its own donation program. The surgery last just over an hour and sees patients being discharged within 24 -48 hou




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