Safety measures set for races on Sunday


Races[] – Race Director for the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships, Kit Nascimento assured that all safety measures are in place for the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships slated for Sunday, November 16 at the South Dakota Circuit.

Nascimento also highlighted the most notable change to ensure safety on the day.

“We have repositioned the start line for one particular reason, the start line has been too close to turn one, so the cars tend to pile up on turn one which is dangerous and the possibility of accidents at the beginning of a race are very real.

“So we moved the start line back to give the lead cars sufficient space to get into the right racing line,” Nascimento revealed.

Further, he also highlighted general work that has been done to improve the safety of the dangerous sport.

“The preparation of the track ensures that they are barriers where they need to be to protect spectators and reporters. Spectator areas are designed in areas so that they are not in jeopardy of being hit or damaged by car coming off the track.

“We had two meetings to brief the competitors, we have ensured that all are fully licensed to drive which has not always been the case in the past and I have had two meetings with officials so they can understand the job they have to,” Nascimento lamented.

The meet will feature some of Guyana’s top drivers as well as the Caribbean’s best when action revs off from 10:00h.




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