Letter to the Editor: Prorogation of Parliament

Parliament Buildings

parliamentDear Editor,

The President acted constitutionally and appropriately in the current political environment. He has played the right card in the circumstances. The huff and puff and anger and bitterness of some members of the opposition parties for their own narrow partisan political mileage/gain against the national interest will be their face saving endeavor.

The voting population will not be fooled, for It is well known that bitterness and spite from some sour grapes politicians are the motivating factors for their postures.

This period of prorogation will present yet another opportunity for the members of the National Assembly and the political leaders to act maturely in the national interest and forge consensus on national issues.

Let’s see; the people will eventually have to speak. Some Members in the National Assembly have been and continue to be poor role models for the children and people of this dear land of Guyana, and have created a dysfunctional Assembly with their political theatrics over the last three years. They have set a distasteful national tone.

We see the Catholic Bishop has awaken from a long slumber and is adding his not so subtle negative fuel on quite a correct constitutional action of the President, but has been silent on the obstructions by the Opposition on transformational projects for national development for energy, investments, job creation etc.; and ignoring / being silent on other matters – the unrepresentative/individually selected persons of the not-so transparent and biased Transparency Institute of Guyana, the one man Guyana Human Rights Association on selected issues, and some poison pen media houses which fueling conflicts.

Come on BISHOP, SPEAK FAIRLY WITH THE LIBERATING GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, and promote peace and concord in this land.


Thanks; sincerely.


Citizen of Guyana



  1. Who want to put PNC in Power?
    Lets see who…..
    Glen Lall KN..
    Badal – Owner hotel peg
    Anand Persaud SN..
    Surujbally & Vishnu Persaud – GECOM
    Cris Raam..
    Freddie Kissoon.
    Sasenarine Singh.
    Tarran Khemraj.
    Mike Persaud.
    Why do these Indians want PNC rule again you ask?
    $$$$$$$$$$$$ baby $$$$$$$$$$$
    Guyana on the move with major infrastructure work to come.
    These Indians stew and suck their teet because none of these didnt get in on a piece of the pie- Amaila Hydro…Oh Nigel and Kathy got in unknown to his PNC buddies. Did I say his PNC buddies? Oh yep..AFC Ramjattan and AFC Nagamoottoo is totally irrelevant to the Nigel Hughes man.


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