Rohee wants photos of lynching effigies published in the newspapers

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Effigy[] –General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee has requested that the photos of the lynching effigies of APNU+AFC Prime Ministerial and Presidential candidates that have surfaced on social media to be printed in local newspapers before he offers a comment.

Rohee, responding to a question posed by a journalist at recent press conference, said he has not seen the images and therefore would be unable to offer any word of condemnation to the incident.

The lynching effigies were erected on the Essequibo Coast on April 18, which is the same day that the PPP had a major rally at Damon Square, Anna Regina.

“Do you have any photographs of those?…Okay well have them published in the newspapers…Have them published in the newspapers,” was Rohee’s response to questions at the press conference.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
Rohee, who is also Home Affairs Minister, went further to indicate that he was however “personally insulted” by the placement of APNU+AFC flags at the Damon Monument.

“What I felt insulted about is when I went to the public meeting at Anna Regina, I saw on Damon Statue, the APNU flags fluttering…it reminded me of the type of arrogance and eye pass of putting these party flags on monuments…I felt personally insulted,” said the PPP General Secretary.

He however could not offer any comment when it was pointed out to him that there are PPP flags mounted at the government owned Joe Vieira Park, across the Demerara Harbour Bridge.




  1. There are a couple of people that will be the catalyst in dumping the PPP from power because of the nonsense they spew and insult the intelligence of the Guyanese public. In order of stupidity they are:
    1. Clement Rohee-
    2. Donald Ramoutar
    3. Bharrat Jagdeo.
    4. Bheri Ramsarran (new to the list)

  2. Looks like Office of the President paying you by the WORD for the crap you write. So you spill a whole sewage system above.

  3. Proof! The Minister is asking for proof because you PNC are peddling tons of lies. You PNC cannot, and must not be trusted!
    This is Proof……………….Google this for proof!
    “Then Top Cop Winston Felix and PNC official Discuss planting drugs on a PNC female” Also Google: The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape”
    Those two scoundrels are PNC MP who are hoping to be Minister of Home Affairs and the other Culprit wants to be Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General.
    Where did Felix and Williams get the illegal drugs from?
    How much drugs did they plant on the PNC member?
    Why didn’t any women group condemn this crime against our sister?
    Did Sherlina Nageer, and Roger Sandhu condemn the attacks?

  4. Rohee, you are the Minister responsible for the security of the nation, and you need to see something in the newspapers to believe it ? It means you are a relic that is as smart as a piece of brick.

    You are unfit to be Minister of Home Affairs if you believe that proof and evidence is only what is printed in the newspapers.

  5. As the Mimister of Home Affairs, must you wait for the newspapers to publish the photo? Does not this ‘lynching’ induce in your honest soul righteous indignation? Remember the KKK…. and all that they stood for? The photo exists. Be a good sleuth and find it and make a comment! There were actual hangings for which no pictures exist, and we expected no comments about those.


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