Wife of missing Air Services cargo handler speaks out; says never contacted or offered help

Anjanie Gouden
Anjanie Gouden
Anjanie Gouden

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The wife of missing cargo handler David Bisnauth, who was in the Air Services plane which disappeared in Region Eight last December, has come forward for the first time.

Anjanie Gouden, 43, said since Bisnauth went missing, neither the authorities nor the airline has contacted her or offered any help whatsoever.

“Nobody never, ever call me to tell me what is going on,” the woman said in an interview.

Bisnauth was onboard the aircraft went it disappeared off air traffic control radars on December 28, 2014. The other person on board was the pilot, Nicky Persaud.

After the authorities cancelled a search for the plane in January, a private search was launched to find the plane. Leading that effort is Frank Singh, the Father-in-law of the pilot as well as the pilot’s father, Cecil Persaud.

Biusnauth’s wife came forward to speak after she said she noticed that a billboard which was mounted on Main Street, Georgetown was removed.

David Bisnauth
David Bisnauth

“I want the search to continue,” she said. The woman said since no one contacted her in all of the four months since the plane’s disappearance, she depended on the news media for information. And so, she said she felt the search had ended when she noticed the billboard was removed.

Bisnauth, 51, was employed by Air Services Limited three years ago and lived in the company’s facilities at Mahdia. He fathered two children with Gouden. The woman said he was the sole breadwinner of the family and since his disappearance she has had a rough time meeting ends meet.

She said the most difficult is getting finances to meet the school needs of the couple’s two children Devi, 14 and Dave, 9.

Gounden said she never visited Mahdia with her children because Bisnauth was concerned about their health. However, she said he called everyday and would visit from time to time.

At the time of the accident, she wanted to go to Mahdia, but Biusnauth’s sister advised her against it in the interest of the children and also because of the financial burden it would have been.




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