Rohee ignores possibility of GECOM staff being intimidated after “public vetting”


Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – While the People’s Progressive Party/Civic is continuing relentlessly in its call for public vetting of polling day staff, the General Secretary of the Party has refused to acknowledge the possibility that Election Day workers may be subject to intimidation tactics.

Officials from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) had sternly rejected the call by the Political Party for the photos of workers to be published for public vetting.

One source within the Electoral Body had floated the possibility that subsequent to the identification of polling day staff being made public, the said staff would be susceptible to intimidation from either side of the political aisle.

Consequences of such would be persons refusing to turn up to work on polling day both of which would have damaging ripple effects on the conduct of the May 11 elections.

However, Rohee when questioned by reporters made it clear that he was not willing to answer the question on the grounds that such a report has not been publicized to the best of his knowledge.

“I can’t respond to what I haven’t seen, I don’t know where it is published. Unless I see that, I have no comment to make,” he said.

Once more the question was asked about his general concern and Rohee responded “intimidation on whose part?…I think you’re asking a question that I don’t seem to fathom. Are you saying that the PPP is pushing for something that will result in intimidation?”

He subsequently added “I don’t get into possibilities.”



  1. intimidation tactics?
    the only political party that creates major problems at the polling boots then take to the streets to riot beat innocent persons loot burn are those of PNC..stated fact:::when PNC were winning there was none of this nonsense..the writing is on the wall that PNC intent on creating mayhem after the up coming election…why I say so? Take a look at PNC rally crowd at Linden and take a even more serious look at PNC Whim rally and it would appear as though its the same PNC crowd..Nagamootto cant deliver that 11% East Indian votes to PNC…PNC sensing this alraeady..Win or lose PNC will have to surrender 12 seats to AFC…PNC will get their usual 26 27 seats of which 12 has to go to AFC..PNC knows this will not bode well with the PNC crowds..Ramjattan + Nagamoottoo + AFC = PNC = Dead Meat..


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