Relaxed curfew not an opportunity to party – PM

Prime Minister Brigadier (ret'd) Mark Phillips
Prime Minister Mark Phillips

The Guyana Government’s move to relax the national Covid-19 curfew is not an opportunity for persons to disregard safety protocols as it relates to the pandemic.

“We have not reduced or relaxed the measures for anyone to go out there and party and socialize and feel more relaxed,” PM Phillips explained during a press conference on Thursday.

As of October 1, the new curfew is from 9pm to 4am. It was previously from 6pm to 6am.

According to Phillips, who is the National Coordinator of Covid-19 Task Force, the curfew was relaxed in the interest of providing a conducive environment for persons who have to work.

“Whether you are a farmer, whether you are a fisherman, and you have to get up early and get out to sea or get your goods to the market, so you can start selling at 6am, that is the reason why we have changed the timing,” he explained.

“Not for people to have longer hours to party. This is serious business and if you want to stay alive, now is the time to stop partying,” the Prime Minister posited.

With the change in the national curfew, certain businesses like gas stations and supermarkets, can now operate up to 8pm.

Additionally, food services shall be opened only for delivery, drive-thru, curbside pickup and take away from 4am. to 8pm.

Gyms, bars and nightclubs are to remain closed.