Region 4 Capital Projects suspended



Capital-Projects-2015[] – The Regional Democratic Council of Region #4, Demerara- Mahaica says the capital developmental programme for the Region has been put on temporary hold for the year 2015, due to policies and actions of the previous administration.

According to a release from the Ministry of Communities, approval of the 2015 budget was delayed owing to the actions of the People’s Progressive Party /Civic (PPP/C) administration in 2014.

“With the prorogation of Parliament on November 10, 2014, followed by the dissolution of parliament on February 28, 2015, and the holding of the General and Regional elections on May 11, 2015, the Budget Preparation Timetable was disrupted. The new Government was forced to adjust the Budget timetable to reflect a new budget cycle that commenced on June 4, 2015,” the release stated.

It was noted that the Ministry of Finance being conscious of the available time for the execution of large Capital Projects and the adherence to the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act of 2003, has made a conscious decision to scale down the Capital Programme to what can be realistically accomplished within the calendar year.

“The events following the appropriation of funds by the National Assembly will be the preparation of bid documents, advertisement of projects, opening and evaluation of bids, award of contracts, and the execution of projects. This procurement process leaves approximately two months for the execution, monitoring and completion of projects,” the statement noted.

Works such as the construction of Multipurpose Building at the RDC compound, extension of Beterverwagting Practical Instruction Centre, extension of Triage and Observation Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Delivery Room at Diamond Regional Hospital, and the construction of a Health Centre at Eccles would be affected.



  1. Docile23. Its 2015 PPP not in power anymore and will continue in the seat of opposition,live with it,you are in fear of yourself.

  2. In 1992, the PPPC inherited a disastrous economy which, even the IMF refused to do business with. This Granger led administration keeps blaming the previous administration even if it did not rain on time or if there was too much rain. Jagdeo was their target every time even onto now.The PPPC did not moan but got on with the task of rebuilding the country from ”scratch” despite all the efforts by the PNCR to ”make the country ungovernable” with their ”slow fiah mo fiah” campaign
    It is time that this new administration must stop looking for scapegoats and start fulfilling their pre-election promises and implement the Cummingsburg Accord in the spirit it was signed. Stop the ethnic cleansing of State Boards and all those whose are perceived to be supporters of the previous administration. The constitution as well as the UN Declaration of Human rights guarantee:
    Article 20.
    (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. the right of freedom of association.
    (In Guyana at the moment, PPPC supporters are afraid to openly support the party of their choice)


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