Sukhai says $2.1M dental work is her private business

Pauline Sukhai (centre) [ iNews Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Pauline Sukhai (centre) [ iNews Photo]
Pauline Sukhai (centre) [ iNews Photo]
[] – Former People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Amerindian Affairs Minister Pauline Sukhai has defended the use of $2.1M for dental works.

In the run up to the May 11 polls, information was released which showed that Sukhai and several other government Ministers had used exorbitant sums for varying health procedures.

When questioned about the expenditure on Saturday August 15, Sukhai responded that she was entitled to the benefits hence saw no reason why it should be considered a travesty.

According to Sukhai, the former Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon, in her view, would have cleared the air on the issue, “not only of former Minister Pauline Sukhai but all those other former ministers who were entitled to health benefits due to their positions in the former government.”

She maintained that the funds were properly approved and were not misappropriated on her behalf.

“I did not have the direct hand of signing off on these funds…Minister Sukhai did not misappropriate this fund…My dental fee was an entitlement, it was duly approved and I have no fear for that,” she stated.

The PPP nominated Member of Parliament however, would not state how the funds were used contending that her medical history was private.

“Excuse me? People’s medical history is confidential and I would like that my medical bill be confidential. I would not ask you if you have HIV,” Sukhai stated.

She went further to suggest that she was specifically targeted because of her ethnic background.

“Is it that Minister Pauline Sukhai…is the criticism being levelled at Sukhai because she is an Amerindian…the way it was put forward during the elections it was as the Minister Sukhai misappropriated this fund,” the Former Minister contended.



  1. 1. Where did you learn that dental work is not medical? Where did you learn that it “is a purely cosmetic procedure”? You always seem to have in-depth information that others are not privy to, or is it just your conjecture and speculation that you parade as evidence. Prejudice and bias are not good tools of analysis. 2. No one party created that optics of corruption. Corruption seems ingrained in politics in Guyana even from the time of colonialism. Those masters practised it well as our history reveals and the parties that took over from them, the PNC and the PPP coloured it their own way after. 3. A new metamorphosis is currently taking shape sadly by those I thought and wanted so much to bring about fair and impartial change. This opportunity to do so after May 11 is being squandered. 4. It leaves us to wonder why Guyanese seem incapable of changing and remoulding their country’s destiny towards justice and true human development for all the races. The current government would do well to have an introspection of the optics they are creating amidst the easy talk of inclusivity and unity, which of course must be informed by fairness, justice and human rights.

  2. LOL here we go again,let me see “Ethnic cleansing or Witch hunting.” Oh I’m so confused which one is it which one,i can’t choose. LOL

  3. Sukhai is entitled to privacy concerning her medical history, even if it is funded by the people of Guyana. Unfortunately, dental work on her teeth does not fall under that medical privacy heading because this is a purely cosmetic procedure. The optics problem the PPP created through a culture of corruption and entitlement makes it difficult for us to see issues through the same lenses as the PPP.
    Look at the benefits Jagdeo arrogated unto himself, and I am not talking merely about his pension, but his association with his ‘best friend’ who pulled in over US$200m the last seven years in questionable state contracts. This is the same culture that produced the Sukhais and Nandlalls, the latter taking and paying back after he was called out in the media.

  4. She has a point on its availability…and use.
    The question i have for her how many ppl medical aid that was supposed to be approved by cabinet were not approved and some ppl even died waiting
    How do you justify that beautiful lady.
    That is our business aint it?


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