Rank was on official duty — GDF admits


The Guyana Defense Force (GDF) on Tuesday finally admitted that one of its intelligence officer Sergeant Robert Pyle, who died on December 30, 2015, following a high-speed chase on Carifesta Avenue, was on official and “legitimate” duty.

After days of pressure and growing public suspicion, including an INews report published earlier today under the title ‘Many questions, no official answer’, the GDF in a subsequent statement to the media admitted that Pyle was involved in supporting the activities of the Special Organised Crime Unit’s (SOCU) probe into the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

Plye was at the time part of a team providing surveillance and intelligence gathering work at the private residence of NICIL’s Head, Winston Brassington.

He died after the vehicle he was driving slammed into a canter truck while trying to block a vehicle which had moments ago left another house in the vicinity of Brassington’s Kingston, Georgetown home after his first attempts to have the occupants exit their vehicle failed.

His wife was in the vehicle with him and she died too. The driver in the canter truck also died on spot as a result of the impact of the collision.

In the statement today, the GDF said it was “normal” for its ranks to provide intelligence work and other forms of support to other law enforcement bodies especially during operation dragnet.

The statement comes after officials were mum over the rank’s involvement in a police probe of NICIL following the completion of an audit into the entity last year.

The late GDF officer, Sergeant Robert Pyle
The late GDF officer, Sergeant Robert Pyle




  1. Too sad.My heart wrench to look at the two innocent kids left behind .May God touch and comfort abound them.My only question is why did he choose to have his wife in the vehicle while persuing someone on a high speed chase.?

  2. My sympathy to the family. now official duty ?? since when its the army job to spy on citizens more so why was he after mr brassington family ? secondly the government of Guyana needs to explain the use of drones and say who are controlling the data gathered by these devices. all this has the hands of the US written all over it.

  3. Just the tip is right, its the US that you and many sell your souls to go live the nice life,it’s also the US that installed you creeps in 1992, its tuff living under the rulings of a nation you HATE ,,,I feel your pain RIP PeePeePee/ Criminals,,it’s was going to tip over if y’all had 5 more years to deposit more into personal accounts,,,,ya LIE ,,

  4. First please allow me to give sympathy to the family. This should never happen to any family.

    Army Intelligence! Come on people the two words do not go together. Mr COP and Mr Chief of staff lets quit while we are ahead. The army needs to sit tihs one out.

    You brave men are about to retire speak up for the sake of the guys thats going to replace you.

    This shows that we are wrong on this one. This is sheer idiotic behavior You should both face an inquiry This is 2016 the idea of you guys joining two forces together when the COP is well aware that the serving officers of the Guyana police force are responsible for half the crime in Guyana!

    Go into any social group in Guyana and listen. From the vagrants in the streets to the highest of the high in our society.

    Yes I said it!

  5. Rank was on official duty — GDF admits
    All GDF people are on official duty from the day the US Installed PNC to rule::
    This is just the tip of the ice-berg:


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