Man badly injured in Croal Street accident


Police are now investigating an accident which has left a pedal-cyclist battling for his life at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
The man whose identity is not known as yet was knocked down by a motor car bearing license plate HC 5336 around 6:30hrs today on Croal street, Georgetown.
The driver of the motor car who is in police custody, Ryan Khan, told Inews that the man was attempting to run across the road while the traffic light was “green” in the vicinity of Homestrech Avenue.
The vehicle eventually ended up in a nearby canal following the collision.
Police are investigating the incident.


  1. he was speeding,so couldnt stop.. the other idiot believe he was supeman on a bike..
    caution is the word..
    btw all the major intersections in gt are either blocked by private taxis and hire cars and in some cases vendors,is the traffic division of the gpf myopic?
    middle & camp streets, charlotte & camp sts ( to name two).. what is happening between regent and robb st. on camp street is unbelievable.. signs are being ignored, but the police tow away vehicle is sealing wheels other other areas where there is minimal traffice.
    cant trouble their own eh?
    the guyana police force traffice division needs to be shaken, so rohee may be right.. dont promote these gadahas.


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