PSC disappointed at elections unrest, appeals for calm

The Pastor's vehicle on fire in front his house.

Sophia 4[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has expressed disappointment at the “sporadic outbreak of unrest and violence which followed a peaceful voting process on Monday May 11.”

A number of communities were furious over reported allegations of electoral infractions by supporters of another political party which led to the damaging of property and injury to persons.

The PSC has since called on political leaders to control their supporters and publicly eschew violence of any sort.

“The Commission is firmly of the belief that the political leaders have a responsibility to the citizenry to ensure their safety at this time and must be held accountable for any breakdown in law and order.”

The Commission has also appealed to the Guyana Police Force to fully investigate all reported incidents and maintain a visible presence which could serve as a deterrent to those who would take advantage of the current situation to engage in unlawful acts.

The Private Sector Commission is also calling on citizens not to “allow loyalty to any political party to lead them into contributing to a breakdown of law and order.”

“The Commission also calls for patience and calm as we await the announcement of election results by the Guyana Elections Commission which is the only entity authorized to release the results of Elections 2015.”

Meanwhile, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and electorate has come in for high praises from the PSC for the calm and smooth manner in which the voting process was carried out across the country on Monday.

“The Private Sector Commission as an Accredited Observer was able to field representatives across the country and obtain constant feedback from them through its Communications Centre,” the release added.

“In addition, the Private Sector Commission Chairman, Mr. Ramesh Persaud, accompanied by the envoys of Britain, Canada and the USA, flew to Skeldon, Linden and Essequibo and was able to observe the operations in those locations. All reports from across the country were that the systems functioned efficiently, with minor hiccups, right up to the close of poll. The Commission deems the conduct of Elections 2015 to be a success.”




  1. We live in a world where people tend to compare and try to make us think that others are apart of something they dont even know about. People Pnc was in the past , stop comparing other political party and people to ones in the past. Look and judge for yourself ,dont let people fill your minds with ideas of things that are in the past. Brunham dead and gone. Leave the dead alone

  2. Very sad to see my fellow Guyanese behaving in such manner even in this era. Very disgraceful.

  3. There is only one winner grow up Guyana if there is a change let it be .Stop sour grapes

  4. Sometimes, even the masters are afraid of/unable to control their dogs. Things have a way of spiraling out of control very easily with respect to elections results in Guyana. Everyone please be vigilant and let good sense prevail. Thuggery and barbarianism solve nothing…it makes us all look bad, and drag our country down.

  5. In my latest book on Guyana I related how the PNC had orchestrated violence after the 1992 results were not what they expected. With yesterday’s incidents clearly at APNU-AFC feet, it lead me to conclude that Granger is no better than Burnham.


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