Over 1500 Statement of Polls received but no results

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

gecom[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says it has received over 1500 Statement of Polls and ballot boxes from some 2,299 polling stations across the country, but it is unable to provide any results given that they are still being processed.

GECOM’s Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally told a news conference that while more than half of the Statement of Polls was received, there are some delays.

“We were stymied a bit yesterday after the close of poll, there was an environment that precluded the healthy transmission of ballot boxes and statements of poll,” explained Dr Surujbally.

He reminded that GECOM is the only legally authorized entity that can release the results and is urging patience from the Guyanese public for the election results some sixteen hours after polling would have closed on Monday, May 11.

“I want to remind you as I have before, only GECOM can make that legitimate announcement relative to who has won….it seems not to be getting over to certain people….seems like they don’t read it or they don’t understand what we have said,” said Surujbally.

“We will not work outside the ambit of the law and if it takes time to get the law, the nation has to have patience,” the Chairman added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield explained that thus far GECOM has received all of the results from District Four (Region Four – Demerara Mahaica).

He also pointed out that other areas that results have been received from include Regions Six, Three and Five.

All of the statements for Region Five have been received and Region three is almost complete with the exception of the Essequibo islands.

The Commission is expected to update the public with some preliminary results at 18:00hrs this evening.



  1. I lived in both Leguan and Wakenaam, both islands together do not have 10,000 voters. How in God’s 2015 GECOM can’t count these votes in over 24 hours? The answers is very clear to me; for the first time in our history, my fellow Islanders have voted predominantly against the PPP and it is too bitter for them to accept.

    I am asking the PPP leadership to prove me wrong.

  2. Sorry! Indeed ! PATIENTS……. ! No! PATIENCE …. PATIENCE ! YES We Guyanese have a LOT.

  3. These reporters need to be properly trained to deal with the pending situation of an election and a expected populace, they are asking stupid questions and followed by a lack of writing skills. Why all this haste and hate the results can only be one way, the elected winner by the majority whoever it may be, accept and move one. None of the politicians put bread on your table it is through our sweat and labour our families are taken care of. What the hell….. let civility prevail.

  4. Steve Surujbally must either resign peacefully or be fired. His is too old and grumpy and should be put out to pasture. He is a vet by profession and he thinks the reporters attending the press conferences are similar to his patients.

  5. The nation has suffered immensely at the hands of the despotic PPP, their goons and terror brigades and in the process they have robbed us all blind with not an ounce of shame or an iota of sorrow. Bharat Jagdeo whom was once clumsily hailed as ‘The Champion of the Earth’ is now the ‘Champion of Scum’ because his racist antagonisms have not gone unnoticed.

    The Stalinist thug in the form of Dr. Roger Luncheon lied to the nation by proclaiming that as of March he was no longer functioning as the Cabinet Secretary yet there are many documented instances of him approving all kinds of controversial contracts for drugs purchases from Bobby Ramroop and also the scam of the century with Dax Engineering. The nation has falen unwilling and unsuspecting victims to the criminal mindset and endeavours of those in power.

    We know who are the members of the PPP’s Friends & Family Programme, who are their family members and loved ones, where they live and so forth so it is simply a matter of time before the wrath of the Almighty is visited upon them.

    The supporters of the joint opposition are fearful that they are going to be disenfranchised because the last 23 years have been nothing but absolute hell for those that do not share the regime’s agenda or plans. Many a person’s life has been snuffed out because they dared to oppose Jagdeo and his demented cabal.
    Why is Jagdeo in the forefront of taking on the media and not Ramotar who is after all the official candidate?

    We need GECOM to get their act in order and stop pussyfooting around with the official results or is there something they are not telling us for the fear of a serious social uprising of the magnitude of a 7.5 strength earthquake on the Richter Scale.

  6. Your reporter needs to study more before asking a silly question over and over. I saw the interview and well i gotta say Steve had to explain one thing over and over. In general Guyanese have zero patients and that press conference was a total waste. What ever is the result please accept it all and keep the peace.


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