GECOM to announce results at 11:00 hrs

Keith Lowenfield, Chief Election Officer and Chairman of GECOM, Dr Steve Surujbally

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews' Photo]
Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is scheduled to release preliminary results of the May 11 2015 General and Regional Elections at 11:00hrs today.

This is although polling closed at 18:00 hrs on May 11 – more than 15 hours ago.

GECOM says it is currently in the process of the unhindered receipt of Statements of Polls from the 2,299 Polling Stations across Guyana.

The elections body was slated to announce preliminary results since 23:00hrs on May 11; however reports indicate that the delay has to do with the fact that its agents were unable to access the ballot boxes and Statement of polls at some polling stations.

The Statement of Poll will indicate which political Party has managed to attract the most votes at the polls. The Statements are usually posted after polls would have closed.

Stakeholders have urged that the electorate remain calm and allow GECOM to finalize the results of the elections.



  1. Rohee n Ali Baksh must be audited along with other top PPP official members,about their yearly income compare to there assets n property abroad n let justice be…..

  2. All of u full of lots to its sh…………………it
    Government supposed to be for its people
    Not people for government
    Guyana or any country need a change no matter what
    When you have one group of people sitting high and comfortable and think no way out well sorry
    The people of any country is the power not government
    So forget about the past and present and make the other guys do a better job for the future
    I mean MAKE them be responsibly for the FUTURE of the country

  3. I believe,GECOM must be held totally responsible for any unrest or violence that may take place in this country.It had ample time in which to declare the elections`results.I am led to believe,the PPP/C has control of its chairman,thus the delay of these results.How much longer must this nation wait to know the outcome of these elections?WE WANT TO KNOW NOW.

  4. I can tell where your mind is. It is mindset like yours that keeps the country from moving forward. It is the same mindset that the current administration in Guyana possess. It stems from problems back in the ’50’s and ’60’s, when we were not even a Nation. it stems from when our colonial master imposed there will on us. Forbes Burnham took us down a dark path, but Hoyte put lite back in the country, so much so that the PPP was able to get in to office; from then it was a downward spiral of destruction and corruption. Granted there is some progress under the PPP, but they seek to take full credit for everything, completely omitting the fact that it was Hugh Desmond Hoyte who set us on the path to democracy. learn to be objective in your criticisms, and to be impartial in your judgement. It is time for a change. I Myself would like to see neither another Burnham, nor Janet, nor Jagdeo at the helm of our country. Racism will get us nowhere, or maybe, just where we are.

  5. Actually Seaton, Dr. Jagan was dedicated to his cause, he sought to bring about equality for the egalitarians in the society. I agree with you about Pres. Hoyte, who in my book was perhaps the best Pres. Guyana has seen thus far. It was Hoyte who started the path of National reconstruction and really truly pointed the way to Democracy for us.

  6. PPP/C has done a good job for this country and people is ungrateful they even disobey the real creator I wish if the other countries could send back Guyanese because they just a backstaber they are the ones with rich education and always do what is right and don’t feel they are making a laughing stock of the people in guyana in fact the people of guyana position they stupid self that way and granger or ass whole doesn’t know any better he talks and cry and just glad this country have coruption in hands of the real almighty

  7. we are already a laughing stock to the world because the government have foeigners running our country and we are sitting and accepting it

  8. I totally agree with you. PPP made Guyana beautiful…they’ve done an amazing job…Granger will send Guyana to the grave…
    He will also screw Nagamootoo over….the same thing Burnham did to Jagan….look out!

  9. I feel the reasons why results not released is bcuz when travelling back and forth with the ballots the protestors were way out of control with VIOLENCES and it made travelling slower.VIOLENCE REPRESENTS IGNORANCY,WHERE WOULD VIOLENCE GET ANY IN THE ELECTION? No where,ANSWER IS PRAYERS THAT CHANGES THINGS!

  10. we need a change, a bit of fresh air in our country, and we need to change our constituation, our laws. i am amased at our last goverment,so unkind, and and having no regard , for the less forunate, only talks, we need actions,and new blood. with ideas to move our country forward, satan must not rule our country,ever
    again, drivng their fancy prado, all shiney rides, is not what we want to see, any more, cath a bus, and go to work, meet the people, improve thier lives,see your people and your people wil see you, be like christ

  11. Response to Dude.
    I hope you live overseas, as Guyana does not need your ilk, if it is to progress.

  12. Trouble makers needs to be arrested n taken before the court, even some blogers are inciting disharmony. VOTING IS OVER ALL, JUST STAY AT HOME, ( IF U DON’T HAVE AN EMERGENCY), AND AWAIT THE RESULTS…What’s wrong with some of my people?, KEEP ON MAKING GUYANA A LAUGHING STOCK TO THE WORLD.

  13. Yes!, they had enough time,……backward Guyana,….COME ON NOW, THIS IS THE 21 CENTURY,….not 1962

  14. Why wasn’t every thing taken care of before, CITIZENS NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR RESULTS, WE DON’T NEED THEM IN PANIC MODE, THEY HAVE ALREADY BEGAN TO ACT IN SOPHIA AS SCHOOL KIDS,…..bring on the results and get rid of the stress.

  15. Guyana can not win when taxpayers money is going to waste with DUMB ASSES. Heads with no form of education or mormals.

  16. If u knew ur history and was around at that time, u would of known that Hoyte of the pnc restored guyana after linden ferbs death. And the pop came in after and did nothing of major improvemet for 23 years. We all know that linden was a bad guy, he used everyone, but u should also know that all of them both pop and pnc we’re marxists and at that time Marxist vision was the way how ferbs ran guyana, so it is only fair to say cheddy would of done the same.

  17. Guyana is the third poorest country in Latin America after Haiti and Nicaragua, according to World Bank figures.
    we desperately need a new economic system, we need to become a capitalist nation. Or constitution is so unfair and does not support democracy.
    Rite now is what ever the president says everyone has to follow. ask your self is that democracy, or dictatorship.

  18. All that matters is that we the People of Guyana do not want another Burnham to rule. Those days are long gone!! PPP brought back this beautiful country from the graves and we would like our country to stay that way!!

  19. Good job GECOM. I take this opportunity to appeal to supporters on both sides to accept the results and not create any harm to your sisters and brothers. Guyana is the winner!


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