Private sector pledges to hold Gov’t accountable

A section of the gathering of Ministers of Government at the Office of the President as they met for their first Cabinet meeting , May 25, 2015. [GINA Photo]
Major General (rtd.) Norman McLean
GMSA President Norman McLean

[] – President of the Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA) Norman McLean has pledged to hold the new APNU+AFC government accountable while working to develop Guyana in the best way possible.

McLean in his welcome remarks at a GMSA luncheon on Monday , July 20 emphasized the need for cooperation between the government and private sector.

“We pledge to you our unreserved support for your national development programmes, even while we hold your feet to the fire.  We look forward to playing any role we could to enhance the ability of our entrepreneurs to earn more than subsistence level revenue and to eliminate the barriers to external trade which our exporters have been dealing with for many years,” said McLean.

In addition to the barriers affecting external trade, McLean also pointed out the existing rolls of red tape surrounding the conduct of business in Guyana and pointed out that the private sector looks forward to having these dealt with as a priority.

President David Granger meeting with his Ministers of the Cabinet. [GINA Photo]
President David Granger meeting with his Ministers of the Cabinet. [GINA Photo]
He said “the high cost of doing business in Guyana also keeps the investors away.  We’re referring here to astronomical energy charges, high Customs fees and long, undue delays to process import and export documents.”

The GMSA President also spotlighted the issue of lack of skilled labour in Guyana, noting that it is not a good sign for potential investors.

“The pool of vocational and advanced skills in Guyana is small indeed and that it requires huge inputs from both the government and the private sector to increase the availability of trained skills which would in turn enable Guyana to attract huge foreign investment,” he said.



  1. What is your point. Do you have anything good to say or you just want to see your handle in print? The skills which Guyana has is like a drop in the bucket of what is needed.

  2. Why no one pledged to hold the PPP accountable is still perplexing. Now Guyana Manufacturing Services Association (GMSA) Norman McLean will hold the new administration accountable. The new administration said they will be transparent. This guy seemed to be quiet for the past 23 years. Who is he, and how accountable is he to the manufacturers of Guyana?

  3. Norman McLean should be the last person to hold the govt. accountable. We all know his record, Guyanese should hold him accountable.

  4. Lol. He is going to hold Ganger and gang accountable when Granger appointed him? What schuppidness is dis?

  5. Guyuana continue to be brain drain cause wage package n benefit isn’t attractive n cost of living is too high n yet guyana compare wages gas price etc with other caribbean country not taking the $$$ into consideration


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